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Saturday, July 14, 2012


... it's been almost three (3!!!) weeks since I've been back from my trip (which was AMAZING) and here's what's been happening.

I haven't:
  • blogged 
  • caught up on any blogs
  • organized my pictures from my trip yet (over 2000 to go through)
  • gotten back to my "normal" eating habits
  • gotten back to my exercise routine
  • lost any weight since I got back
I have:
  •  gained about 5 pounds since before the trip
  • quit my job (!!!)
  • started working as a personal trainer full time
  • been asked to come back to my old job part-time
  • BEEN SUPER BUSY but so so happy
Right now, there are so many things going on between the new personal trainer job (so much to learn) and the part-time old job (so much to catch up on whenever I go in) that I haven't had any time to get on the internet.  A lot of my free time is spent creating my clients' programs- which I LOVE doing, - studying for my next personal trainer certification, and organizing my financials to make sure I have enough money for the next couple months.

So far, the decision to leave my comfortable, sit-at-a-desk government job has been the best decision ever!