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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Did you forget about me?

Wow!!  A month and half has gone by since my last post and not too many things have changed since then. 

I still haven't:
  • blogged - OBVIOUSLY!
  • caught up on any blogs
  • gotten back to my "normal" pre-vacation eating habits - eating out has replaced almost all my meals
  • gotten back to my exercise routine - still working out, but the workouts have been all over the place - full body one day, only arms one day, only cardio one day, only plyo one day, etc.
  • lost any weight since I got back - NEED to get on this one!
I still have:
  • BEEN SUPER BUSY but so so happy
Updates, updates, and updates

Life hasn't changed much over the last two months, but I miss my vacation (back in June) and literally think about it everyday.  Two months later and I'll be posting some pictures in the next few posts - since I know you're all dying to see them.  =)

My new career as a personal trainer is moving slowly, but surely, in the right direction.  I've added a second certification to my name and I've gotten pretty comfortable talking to strangers and getting them in for a "first one's free" session, but still have to work on presenting and "selling" my service to them.  I say "selling" (in quotes) because if I lay the ground work in that free session, I shouldn't have to sell anything... the potential clients should see the value in my service, WANT that value, and ask me how to get more of it.

And last but not least, things on the blog may be changing a bit - the biggest change hopefully being more consistent posts.  But seriously, since the blog is now being read by several of my clients, I'll be posting my daily eats and workouts a couple times a week.

Here's hoping I'll be around a bit more!