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Friday, May 27, 2011

Sick, sick, sick!

I have been sick as a dog for the last couple of days but LOTS has been happening!!

Stay tuned for an update!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lurv it!

This weekend was amazing!  Had lots to do and stayed busy all day everyday but...

... I made my Weekend goals... well I made one of them but only missed my calorie deficit goal by 4 calories!!!  Had I known that last night I would have done 30 jumping jacks before bed.

F:  478 calorie deficit and 115 min exercise (45 min cardio + 70 min upper body)
S:  642 calorie deficit and 120 min exercise (90 min hike + 30 min elliptical)
Su: 826 calorie deficit and 135 min exercise (60 min walk + 75 min  full body)

370/330 exercise minutes
1,946/1,950 calorie deficit

But I'm totally happy with my results because the challenge kept me on track.  Shoot for the stars and land on the moon, right?

And so what about the other half of the exercise goal - the part about 120 minutes coming from brand new exercise.  Well I fell short on that too but I did try some new machines out at the gym and think I may have found some new loves!