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Monday, August 31, 2009

Motivational Mondays: Me?!

Michelle, from Secrets of a Former Fat Girl, bestowed upon me the "Former Fat Girl of the Week" title! I couldn't be more excited to be called that! :)

Check out my interview questions/answers in it's original form here or below:

(copied and pasted from Secrets of a Former Fat Girl)

Name: Annie
Age: 26
Occupation: Personnel Officer a.k.a. sit-at-a-desk-all-day-long
Blog: The Amazing Shrinking Girl

Annie, September 2008. 176+ lbs

How often do you exercise?

Six ays/week. Three of those days consist of weight-training (circuit training or free weights) and some form of cardio is done on all six days. After my weight training session, I usually get in 15 - 20 minutes of HIIT or I run home from the gym. On my cardio-only days, I rotate monthly between the treadmill, elliptical, stairmill, and bike to keep my body guessing and to keep me from getting bored. Once in a while I'll do an exercise dvd as my cardio (P90X plyometrics is the BOMB!) just to keep things different.

What is your favorite workout?

Circuit training/boot camp style workouts by far! At my gym, they have monthly boot-camp sessions that you sign up for, but the trainers actually call me to let me know when they are because I love them so much! The mix of cardio and weight resistance is totally my thing but don't get me wrong, I love a good and heavy weight-only session too! I totally believe that you need both cardio and strength to be the healthiest.

Annie, October 2008. 172 lbs

What 5 food items are "must haves" in your kitchen?

In no particular order:

  • eggs

  • baby spinach

  • protein powder

  • chicken breast

  • Shakeology

Please tell us what your nutrition program is like ... what would a typical day's meal plan look like?

I try to eat a "clean diet" so I try to stay away from pre-packed and processed foods as much as possible, but that gets hard. A typical day for me would be:
Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology, 1 banana, 2 cups spinach, flaxseeds, and soymilk blended

Snack 1: steel cut oats, honey, cinnamon, and a fruit
Lunch: Lean Cuisine (so not clean eating, I know) and a salad
Snack 2: post-workout protein powder and soy milk
Dinner: brown rice, chicken or fish, side of veggies, and a salad
Snack 3: protein powder and water

As far as the types of fruits and veggies I eat, I try to get different kinds every week: bananas, apples, sweet potato, carrots, peas one week and peachs, berries, romaine lettuce, broccoli the next.

Annie, December 2008. 159 lbs.
Annie is most certainly the amazing shrinking girl!

What is your favorite motivational/inspirational quote?

"The future is not some place we're going, but one we create. The path's are not found, but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination."

I found this quote on the exact day I decided to get healthy and it's stuck with me every since. It's so amazingly true. If you think you're stuck with the body you have, think again! WE are the ones that change our future! WE are the ones that get stronger every time we fall! WE are the ones that change in the process!

Another one I like that helps me get through food cravings, "A little bit of crap is STILL crap!"

Annie, April 2009. 145 lbs.
Annie says, "This entire hike is made out of steps...
talk about stair master from hell!"

How do you find balance in your life?

Exercise in itself has become one of my biggest stress-relievers. As much as I hate doing it some days, I know that when I finish working out, I'll feel like a million bucks... and I always do! A sweaty and tired million bucks, but a million bucks none the less.

But actually for me, setting goals has been the biggest contributor to keeping me sane and balanced! I always make sure to have short-term goals and long-term goals in place because it's hard to achieve either of them without the other. Short-term goals keep me focused on the "now" - what I need to do today, this meal, this workout - to get me where I want to be. Long-term goals actually let me see the end result, which in turn pushes me to do good with my short-term goals. It's a catch 22!

Last 5 songs listened to you on your iPod/mp3 player:

None! Is it weird that I don't listen to music when I workout? I started my weight-loss journey doing exercise dvd's so not much room there to listen to music. When I 'graduated' from dvd's (I still do them and love them today!) I bought an elliptical and watched t.v. when I worked out... again no room for music. And since I have joined a gym a couple of months ago, I'm still a newbie and still absolutely LOVE the environment there! All the other people working out around you, the noise of the machines, and the big screen tv's don't hurt either. In fact that's where I catch up on the news that's happening around the world... on the treadmill at my gym!

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Well if I had to pick just one, it would be one that I seriously NEVER thought I'd accomplish... running and finishing my first 13K. Ask me a year ago if I would walk a 5K and I would tell you HECK NO! Ask me today to run a 13K and I'll do it!

I signed up for my 13K in November of 2008 and the race was held in February 2009 which meant not too much time for a 'fat girl' to train! I really think I completed the race because my boyfriend signed up and trained with me. We completed the race in one hour and 40 minutes, which comes out to 12-minute miles... not bad but I'll do better next time!

What do you love most about your body?

My legs! Even though they're beat up and scarred from a detergent allergy (another story all by itself!), they are so strong! They get me to where I need to be and right now, with 30% body fat on them, they are the most defined set of muscles on my body. I love shaving them because the muscles just pop out everywhere!

Are you working towards a particular goal we can support you in?

My next 13K is February 15, 2010 and I want to bring down my miles to 10-minute miles. I better start training now!

Any words of advice you'd like to share with someone sitting at home, reading your interview, wishing/hoping/wanting to change?

One step at a time. Like the quote says, "Rome wasn't built in a day" and neither is your body so don't try to change all of your unhealthy habits at once. Doing that will only set you up for failure.

Instead, change one thing, and ONLY one thing, today. When I started my weight-loss journey the first thing I changed was my water intake. I made sure to get at least eight 8-oz cups of water a day and when I could do that daily without even thinking about it, I 'took another step' and upped my fiber intake to 30g/day.

When I could do that with no problem, I starting watching my calories, then upping my protein amounts, then lowering my sodium intake, and so on and so on. The same thing can be applied to exercise. Increase the amount of steps you walk today, then when you have that down, change something else that will get you moving even more.

Annie today. What an inspiration!

One more piece of advice: do it for yourself and no one else. Not your doctor, not your significant other, not your family... no one! Sure, your doctor, significant other and family can be reasons for you to get healthy, but it'll be hard to succeed if you don't want to do it for yourself.

And last but not least, as corny as it may sound, if I can do it, anyone can! REALLY!!!


Mrs. Sheila said...

Hey Annie! You are on the blog roll for Gag, but instead of being under your blog name, your under the name "annie"! I like to be as personable as possible when dealing with people, I think it says so much about a person. The blog names you see on the blog roll ~ are from those who haven't given their names so I have NO clue! LOL

Kat said...

Yay!!!!! I read this on Michele's blog on Sunday. How cool! Congrats "little" lady. Teehee!!

Heather said...

Great job Annie! You have much to be proud of!

105 pounds in 365 days said...

wow, congrats! You have so much to be proud of. You are a true inspriration!! I hope I shrink nearly as much as you have!

MackAttack said...

I love it! Great blog! And great honor!

Annalisa201 said...

:) I feel like I've found a new best friend! Sorry, I'm not really a weirdo, but I am just psyched we have so much in common! Nice to meet you. LOVE your blog!

Oh, and the advice about adding one thing at a time - priceless. Perfect. So true. Thanks.