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Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Christmas in August

Sorry for no post the past couple days but I've been busy... BUSY SHOPPING! Where to start... where to start...

Thursday night the BF and I went out to dinner, went shopping, and met up with some friends who we haven't seen in YEARS. It was so much fun but there were so many calories involved! Food, beer, food, beer, beer, beer, food... and more food. I felt so gross the next morning I can't believe this used to be a typical weekend for me.

So anyway, after dinner, I went to the mall specifically to buy new (and smaller!), shall we say, "personal items". Okay, okay, to be clearer, bras and underwear... I love GAP stuff so that's where I went. When I got to GAP, I found out that they were having a really good deal on all kinds of clothes... $20 off all denim... buy-one-get-one-free tops... Stock Up and Save event in Gap Body... and on top of all of that, 15% off your total! All these specials were going on because GAP was having a launch party so there was food and live music, too. I used to work at this GAP location so I got to see a ton of old coworkers because they all came out for the party. Can't forget to mention that one of my old high classmates was in the band playing at GAP! I haven't seen him since graduation, which was over 8 years ago so it was really nice to catch up with him.

Anyway, time was running out (the store was closing in about 30 minutes) so I quickly picked out all the underwear I needed, checked out the tops that were BOGO free but didn't find anything, and then headed to the denim. I love GAP denim but since I've been losing weight, I haven't bought any because it's kinda expensive... especially if the denim is only going to last me a couple of months (hopefully!). But since it was $20 off, I decided to get a pair of jeans... and look:
SIZE 6!! Oh happy day!

Friday was a holiday for some of us peeps in Hawaii (50 years since Hawaii became a State) so we hit a new hiking trail in the morning then in the afternoon I had my PT session at the gym. Sometimes I walk home from the gym after my workouts, which is what I did this time. On my route home is one of my favorite running stores, which I normally avoid so I don't spend money, but today I decided to check out their sale items. Didn't find anything I liked, but on my way out I saw a shoe bag.

Let me first say that I've been looking for a shoe bag for months!

It seems like no one makes them because Sports Authority, Footlocker, and every where else I checked don't carry them anymore.

Well, there it was, just sitting on a counter near the door. There was only one, so I asked the worker if they were gonna be getting more in and he said no, this is their last one... EVER! So I bought it... on sale for $8, original price $32! Oh happy day again:

I went back to the mall because I heard Old Navy was having a really good sale on their denim... all denim for $19! Well I didn't find anything I liked, BUT they had all their active clothes on sale plus shirts/tanks for $3 each! So I picked up some workout capris, two cami tops, and two shirts for the BF... total was $27!

I wanted to go to Macy's too because they were having a one-day sale and I've been looking to upgrade mine for a while, but didn't make it to Macy's. The BF thinks we can find a better price on Amazon or something. Anyway, that's the weekend shopping recap!



WOW! Thats a lot of shopping... but you can't pass up a great bargain! Sounds like you had lots of fun and how great you are in a size 6! Woo Hoo!!! I can't wait to be there! Good for you girlie!

MAJL said...

There is no better feeling in the world than when you get your first pair of size 6 jeans; way to go :) Just wait till you get to 4 :P

sarah said...

Congrats on the size 6!! Looks like you made out all around with the shoe bag and the exercise clothes. Keep up the great work.

Kat said...

I am *drooling* over your purchases! That's some amazing deals you go there. I love shopping in the US. So much FUN!

Betsy said...

How fun! I love shopping for new fitness clothes/gear. And size 6 jean?! You go girl!

Susan said...

Congrats !!!!!! The day I fit inot a size 6 was the biggest day of my life , so I understand how exciting it is !

Susan said...

Oh and thank you so much for the blog award ! Your blog is pretty lovely too !