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Monday, August 24, 2009

Motivational Mondays: My Boyfriend

It's been a long and productive 3-day weekend for me, which is why I didn't have time to post much. I'll have a catch-up post tonight with lots of pictures! Now back to our regular scheduled program... Motivational Mondays!


My boyfriend Anthony is great!

And just the other week he became my new source of motivation: He decided to quit smoking.

His smoking has been a huge issue for the both of us from the start because I don't date smokers - lies, fights, trust issues... but that's a WHOLE different story in itself - so when he told me he was quitting I couldn't believe it! I have nothing against smokers, in act most of my friends smoke, I just wouldn't date one. Anyway, he's been a smoker for the last 10 years of his life but for the past three weeks he's been smoke-free.

Now, I've never smoked before so I don't understand what he's going through, but from what others have said, trying to quit is as hard and painful as going through labor. Our government spends tax-payer dollars on free services to help people quit so it must be hard. Anthony has told me he's been going through mood-swings since quitting, and dealing with stress is much harder now because he doesn't have a "stress-reliever" to fall back on... but he's doing it!

If he can do this for his health, I can push myself to get through an hour at the gym for my health!


Jenn said...

That's so great - you must be happy!

Anonymous said...

That's great that Anthony is quitting! I've had family members pass away due to health problems related to smoking. Now he'll have to do P90X with you so he doesn't gain weight (a lot of smokers put on weight when they try to quit smoking)