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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesdays: 139.2

Last Wed. weight: 140.4
Today's weight: 139.2
Loss: -1.2

Hmmm... not counting calories has put me into the 130's. I'm not going to say much about this week's weigh-in because I don't wanna scare the 130's away!

Every time I catch a glimpse of this elusive decade, it runs away like a scared little mouse, hiding and shaking under the bed, never to be seen again! So that's all I have to say about that.


Today is day three of my "do-cardio-and-bring-it-hard" promise to myself. I'm going for intense cardio workouts 12 out of the next 14 days (12/14)I didn't do my workout out for today yet, so I won't count today, but as of yesterday I'm 2/2!

Mon: 30 min run after my PT session 1/1
Tue: 55 min interval run on the treadmill 2/2

And here is the rest of my schedule for the next 12 days:

Wed: 60 min PT session + 15 min run
Thu: OFF
Fri: 60 min PT session + 15 min elliptical
Sat: 20 min treadmill + 20 min elliptical + 20 min stair-mill
Sun: 60 min P90X plyo + 45 min brisk walk
Mon: 60 min PT session + 15 min stair-mill
Tue: 25 min treadmill intervals + 25 min elliptical
Wed: 60 min PT session + 20 min run home
Thu: OFF
Fri: 60 min PT session + 30 min elliptical
Sat: 60 min run
Sun: 60 min hike


Jen said...

Wow! You are doing AMAZING!! 139??? WOW!
I've missed your blog...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss, I know what you mean about the decade I still hover at 210 lbs sometimes I go as low as 208 but it creeps back up again even though I'm being good!

The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Thanks Jen and Chris! I've still got a ways to go but I'm getting there... we all are! And that's the main thing!

Betty said...

Friday I am 5 miles in!