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Monday, August 10, 2009

Operation Fat Blaster: Awesome group to join!

Last week, I joined an awesome group called Operation Fat Blaster, or OFB for short. The group is very supportive and basically they are your cheerleaders for a healthier YOU. Every week OFB creater, Michelle, issues 'missions' for the members to complete with the potential to win some cool prizes. Anyway, since I just started the group, I jumped in right at Mission #3.

Check it out below!


Operation Fat Blaster
Special Ops Missions #3: I See You!

"Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it ...
Experts say nutrition plays 80 - 90% of your weight loss (and maintenance) success. A sound nutrition program begins at home - after all, what's more important than what you're doing when no one's looking (or reading your blog?)

This week, your Special Ops Mission is to post photos on your blog of your kitchen - show us your refrigerator, your freezer, and/or your cupboards/pantry ... resist temptation to tidy things up or get rid of the "evidence" before you post your photos."

MISSION COMPLETED: Here are the picts of my kitchen. Feel free to let me know what you see and what could be changed. FYI: My boyfriend and I are not wine drinkers. That bottle of wine in my frig is unopened and has been there for over 3 months now!

This is my counter: whole wheat bread, bananas, honey dew melon, sweet potato,
my BF's gummy vitamins, and my bag of Shakeology.

My frig
Top shelf: leftover penne pasta, fresh blueberries, almond butter, bottle of salsa, bag of flaxseeds, bottle of unopened wine, Fage yogurt, and apples and Laughing Cow wedges in the drawer
Middle shelf: fresh eggs, sweet potatoes in a steamer, leftover lemon herb chicken breast, protein shakes, baking soda, butter
Bottom shelf: chicken breast in the bag, prunes, dried fruit, carton of oj, carton of 1% milk, soy milk, water
Bottom drawer: two heads of romaine lettuce, carrots, peaches, bok choi, cuccumber, spinach
Frig door: capers. salad dressings, mayo, mustard, jellies, relish, more flaxseeds, almonds, and natural beauty products that need to be refrigerated to extend the shelf-life

Top shelf: plain ice cream cones, frozen sliced peaches, frozen bananas on the plate, bags of frozen spinach and broccoli, whole wheat bread, cheese, Kashi frozen waffles, Morning Star burgers
Bottom shelf: ice trays, bags of peas, Lean Cuisins, bag of mixed berries, ground turkey, chicken breasts, Popsicles

Freezer door
Top: butter, whole wheat crackers, mixed beans, veggie chicken soup, goldfish food, Laughing Cow wedges, Ricola
Bottom: half-cup servings of blueberries, mixed berries, and cherries (for easy smoothie making), ginger, soy beans

Pantry #1
Top and second shelves: spices and seasonings, cans of tuna, cans of veggie/chicken/beef broth, peanut butter and honey
Third and fourth shelves: cans of tomato paste/sauces, balsmic vinegar, light mayo, dry beans, bag of epsom salt for sore muscles, salad dressing, more seasoning/spices, whole wheat pasta, wheat germ, brown rice
Bottom shelf: brown rice, canola oil, olive oil, corn starch, flour, vinegar

Pantry #2
Top shelf: Stove Top stuffing, powdered Arizona Tea, plain oatmeal, protein bars, stevia, Truvia, and a lot of gum
Second shelf: Ziploc baggies, foil, saran wrap, napkins, food scale, smoked salmon, powdered sports drink mixes (never used and still there), almonds
Third shelf: Honey nut cheerios, Kashi Honey Sunshine, more almonds
Bottom two shelves: reserved for my dog's stuff

In case you needed proof it's for my doggie! :)

And this is in case anyone thought I was hiding cookies in that cookie jar: it's full of unsalted, raw almonds!

1 comment:

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

Looks good to me. Thanks for taking the time to write out the contents. I didn't do that. I see you like tuna. Tell me about the Shakeology...never heard of it. Keep up the good work...you look great.