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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesdays: 137.4

Last Wed. weight: 139.0
Today's weight: 137.4
Loss: -1.6

That's quite a loss and it's kinda unusual.... Unusual because I ate like crap this weekend! I mean like well over my calorie amounts, eating all kinds of junk food, and eating late at night. Here's a rundown of my eating:
Thursday night: country fried steak, fried rice, onion rings, McDonalds vanilla cone and cinnamon melts, beer, beer, beer, french fries, beer
Saturday night: pesto pasta with a fried chicken breast
Sunday: cream puff, chinese food for lunch, frozen yogurt, steak, ceasar salad, sausage, WHITE rice, huge lemon cake slice
Monday night: beef chimichanga, sour cream, guac, salsa, cheesey potatoes, jolly ranchers, and bag of chips

This is by far the WORSE I have eaten in over a year so I don't know how I managed a loss this week. I did get in all my exercise plus some, but still... I'll take it!

As for my promise to myself... I made it! I made sure I got in and pushed my cardio workouts for at least the past 12/14 days.

Mon: 30 min run after my PT session 1/1
Tue: 55 min interval run on the treadmill 2/2
Wed: 60 min PT session + 15 min run home 3/3
Thu: OFF 3/4
Fri: 60 min PT session + 15 min elliptical 4/5
Sat: 75 min elliptical 5/6
Sun: 25 min stairmill + 20 min elliptical 6/7
Mon: 60 min PT session + 20 min walk home + 15 min elliptical 7/8
Tue: 25 min elliptical + 30 min elliptical HIIT 8/9
Wed: 60 min PT session + 20 elliptical 9/10
Thu: OFF 9/11
Fri: 125 min hike + 60 min PT session + 30 min elliptical 10/12
Sat: 25 min stairmill + 20 min treadmill 11/13
Sun: 60 min hike 12/14

So what am I gonna do now? I'm gonna do it again! I'm gonna set up weekly and monthly goals for the month of September so check back soon for them!


Jeff said...

Congrats on the continued weight loss Annie! Keep taking it one step at a time because you are doing great!

sarah said...

Woohoo! Great job. Sometimes the body surprises us.

MackAttack said...

Yay what a great loss! I think those types of eating times happen, and the fact that it has been over a year, awesome!

foolsfitness said...

You are serious about your goals and with a active choice you are launching yourself like a rocket to a more healthy you!

As for me i'm "lunching" my way to another chimichanga... I've had a mexican food craze for a day.

And remember that eating a whole pizza is a fitness goal at Foolsfitness! -Alan


Thanks for your comments Annie. They made me feel a little better. Yesterday I was doing a really hard HIIT workout and I could tell my face was really red and people were looking at me, and I just told myself to get over it. You are working hard, so what if you look funny, you are doing this to look good. And half these people are in here socializing so "Do yo thang!" Kudos on the weight loss chica!

Alissa said...

Nice job! You're doing so well!!!

Missresa said...

Whoop-whoop! Way to go, Annie!

The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Thanks for all the nice comments! You guys are the best!

WriterMarie said...

Hey Annie! I've got my One Lovely Blog Award post up...xoxoxoxo