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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So sick of myself...

OMG it's been weeks since my last post and I was supposed to explain what my plan was for 2011.  Well I've been MIA because I had a plan, but it fell apart within days.  Then I had another plan and I've been working on it since but I've already faltered and fallen off-course. 

I'm having a really tough time getting my motivation back and I know it's just a matter of doing what's right but food has been winning out more times than I can count!  I'm lucky I haven't gained weight over the holidays but the pathetic news is I haven't lost anything either.  It's been half a year since I had my big gain over the summer and I haven't done crap to change anything. 

Over holidays, I was on an awesome role...

got my workouts in as planned
watched what I ate
counted the calories
even tried to get in more sleep

... all for nothing since it didn't result in any weight-loss.

I have so many things running through my head right now... goals I want to reach, things I want to accomplish and so many MANY things not even related to health/fitness. 

Right now I feel like I need to start my weight-loss journey from the very beginning, like I've never done this before, and take it day by day, one step at a time. After comments from different people about my weight gain, it's really time to focus again. Plus, can anyone say class reunion?!?!?!  Yup, that's coming up this summer so I need to get this done.

I'm not making any promises as far as blogging goes because I've noticed that just turns my blog into a chore rather than something I really enjoy doing.  I do promise to blog when I have a chance and when I feel like I have something worth talking about... until then, I'd rather not fill this space with complaints, wishes of pounds dropped, or rants about the regrets I had for eating that last bite of ice cream, or chips, or cake or what ever! So once again, to make things official, here is my current weight:

Yup, that sucks! But putting it out there can only make me do something about it, right?!


Katie J said...

Right! You can't go back and change it but you can change how you move forward.

I know it is rough Annie. I stayed the same weight for almost a year. (I did replace fat with muscle) There were quite a few times were I thought SCREW IT I will never lose weight again but low and behold the scale started moving the last few weeks.

Hang in there girl! You will be back in the game before you know it!

BubbleTeaResa said...

You can do it! I'm right where you are and am trying to lose about 30lbs give or take =) Maybe you need to set a goal event or something? My 29th birthday is in August so I'm aiming to be at my goal weight for a fancy-schmancy dinner out with the hubs. Remember, you've done this before so you can do it again!

Annalisa201 said...

That's good. You and I are in exactly the same boat, except that I have been gaining. I found a helpful sight (free) that has some really good advice www.fitmindsandbodies.com.au for mental side of things as well as audio advice... haven't signed up for the 16-week program they offer YET, but I think I will. Biggest advise I read on there was to tackle ONE or TWO small habits each week, not more. I am going to take it super slow... I don't see how else to do it. This "All or nothing" attitude is just making me fail hardcore. I'll blog about it later. Sending you HUGS!!! (PS I'm at 157 EEEEEeeekk!)

Annalisa201 said...

And then I went to Chris (Deliberate Life) and read her last 4 or 5 posts and that was enough inspiration for me :)

Continuous Changes said...

You recognize it and now you can fix it. The time is NOW! Get on it, Girl! :)

Annalisa201 said...

Baby steps... come on, read my blog girl. I just realised why I've been failing - I've been trying to jump in the deep end (because I was just in the deep end not too many months ago anyway, I know how to swim so to say) but the deep end was sabotage for this back-slidden girl. Put your toe in first, then your ankle then knee... I'm sure this will work. I know you can do it.