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Friday, June 26, 2009

I got my first "I hate you" comment

The other day I saw a friend who I've only seen once in the past year. The first time I saw her she didn't say anything about my weight loss (I was down about 25 lbs. at the time) but some of my other friends did notice and said some really nice things. Anyway, so I see this friend recently, and the first thing she says is, "Are you losing more weight?! I hate you!" I have to admit... it didn't catch me by surprise or upset me at all.... in fact it felt good! :) I just told her that if I can do it, she can do it. I kind of explained to her how I started out losing weight and she realized it's totally doable. So much so, she signed up for a gym membership at my gym the next day!! I couldn't believe it but I'm so happy for her! I hope to see her there and I really hope she uses the gym... we have opposite work schedules so we can't really make it to the gym together, but I will be checking up on her progress! It's so exciting to inspire people like this.

I wanted to clarify some of my goals listed at the top of my blog. I know a lot of the goals seem "physical" (ie. based on looks only) but that's not what I'm about. I had some people email/comment about it and I just want to let everyone know that this journey is a lifestyle change for me. A change to get me into the best shape possible! Like one of Tony Horton's recent blog entries, it's not about how good you look, but rather how you feel and how much you can improve your health. With my goals of wanting to weigh such-and-such or fit into a certain size by a certain date, becoming healthier and fitter goes hand in hand with my goals. I'm only 5'0" tall so at a weight of about 140 I am still considered overweight... by a lot!! My overall goal is to become lean and toned and improve in my cardio, strength, endurance, balance, coordination, etc., etc., but I do have to focus a lot on getting rid of the body fat too. Since I still have so much fat, focusing on the physical appearance of getting smaller (volume AND weight) is a major goal for me because one equals the other:

exercise + proper eating = a healthier me

exercise + proper eating = a smaller me

a healthier me = a smaller me = a healthier me

Yes, I'm losing weight to look better, but I'm not losing weight to only look better. I know looking better is a "side-effect" of getting healthier and getting healthy again is my main goal. I'm just looking forward to see how much better I can become because one year ago I never would have thought I'd be where I am today!


Jen said...

It's tough dealing with the people who don't appreciate what we go through to reach these goals of ours. I have a lot of family who don't talk to me the same anymore because of how much healthier I am than them now. They don't realize..I'm still the same person...just a smaller, fitter, healthier version. It's frustrating. I want to help them..but honestly I think they look at me and think I'm over the top and I doubt any of them would even WANT to be like me. I remember having a friend a few years ago (before I was into exercising and eating healthy). I used to say "she's a FANATIC. All she does/thinks about is calories and exercise and how she looks." Now I AM that girl. I understand that people "on the outside" don't realize that ANYONE can change their lifestyle and thinking habits and become healthier. We don't all have to become super hard-core about it . That just happens to be my personality type....but there are much more relaxed ways of going about it. Anyway, I'm not sure this comment really correlates with your post...but this is where my mind went after reading it. Your friend that said "I hate you" probably just hated the fact that you had done this thing that she hadn't. Hooray for her for not letting the feeling of feeling sorry for herslef get the best of her but instesad took it and joined the gym. THAT is what its all about! You're doing a great job and I love reading your blog and hearing about your progress!

Jeff said...

Hate is a passion just like love is. In her case I'm sure it means he same thing. Hope she starts working out with you at the gym. Studies show working out with a buddy can improve results as it will make you accountable.