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Friday, August 13, 2010

So how's it going?

So much for regular posting, huh?

Well I've been back at it, slowly, with lots of walks and a rare elliptical workout, but nothing too strenous cause I seriously feel like my fitness level is below a zero now!  Gonna go through all my workout dvd's this weekend and pull out some of the ones that I first started out with.  Think Jillian, The Firm, even the Wii Fit! Anything to just get me back to my P90X-status!

Food has still been a real struggle for me but I've noticed I've cut down on the amount of food of been eating.  Meaning it's still crappy food but at least I'm eating less of it.  Right now I'm aiming to get in no more than 1300 calories (which is actually maintenance level for me) plus an extra 100 - 200 calories depending on my physical activity level for that day.

Next week I took off on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for an extended weekend - which I need - so hoping to keep busy everyday! Already have several hikes planned out with the boyfriend, a beach day, and a shoping day.  As sad as it sounds, I'm super thrilled to be hitting up Bed, Bath and Beyond this weekend! Hawaii just got our first store that opened the other week so can't wait to check it out. I need a shoe rack cause right now all my shoes are just thrown into a big moving box... no kidding! It can take me a minute to find two matching pairs.

Will be back later this weekend with updates and pictures to help keep my accountable!


Continuous Changes said...

welcome back, honey!!!

CJ said...

Hi there! Nice to read your post after so long. You are heading in the right direction. Keep going strong :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

I see you live in Hawaii? Where are you? (Hubby and I are travelling there in October for vacation!)