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Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's the thought that counts, right?

Hey Blooggies,

Long time no talk, err... is it read?

Anyway, this is my attempt at a meaningful blog post.  I have been MIA for the last month or two not because I wanted to, but because I didn't feel like I had anything to say. I have gained about 15 pounds from my lowest of 128ish back in May so I'm sitting at a not-so-comfortable 145sih... and the number is just getting higher.

My blog title, The Amazing Shrinking Girl, would make a mockery of me every time I logged on and I felt like it should be changed to The Not-So-Amazing Expanding Girl.  For the last month I've avoided my personal trainer's phone calls because he wants me to come in and get my stats taken (as a refresher, since May, I put a freeze on my gym membership for 4 months so I haven't seen my trainer since April).  I just cannot face him right now and I'm almost too embarrassed to be seen at the gym.  The extra 15+ lbs. has made a HUGE difference in my self-confidence and self-esteem and what makes it worse is that I keep gaining even though I feel like shit.

All intense exercise has come to a stop... haven't done any type of strength training/weight resistance since May and I'm scared to even attempt one push-up in fear that I cannot do it. 

I've still been walking and hiking kinda regularly but even that cannot stop the weight gain when you're eating 2500+ calories a day!

But I've finally had enough!

I don't want to become one of those statistics... you know, the one that says this-much-percentage-of-people-who-lose-weight-gain-it-back.  That's so not me and I'm making sure I don't break into another decade of weight-gain.  I have one more month before my gym membership starts up again and I have to face my trainer, so I need to pull in everything tight: nutrition and exercise.  So here's to my new beginning... getting back to basics of tracking food, exercising, and bogging!  The three things that helped me so much in the past!


Annalisa201 said...

Back to basics is the perfect way to start. Little changes can really add up.

And hey, don't beat yourself up about 15 lbs. It's not that much really, even though, of course, it seems like heaps. You'll be able to kick those 15 lbs to the curb in no time ;) I know you can Annie!!!

Dagny said...

As someone who has dropped off the planet twice this year with my blog, I'm feeling you. I wish you great success with your renewed healthy efforts!

Kyle Gershman said...

We're here for you...after all riding a bicycle again is just like riding a a bicycle again. Once you know how, it is easy to get going.

Chris said...

Anything I can do to help just say the word my friend! I know exactly how you feel and when I got off track gain 20 lbs back, you helped me get back at it by being there and now I've almost last that 20 - I know you can get back in the swing of things. We all have the ups and downs in this journey but the important thing is to NOT beat yourself up about it.

Great that you've examined what helped you in the past that's a great start!

Look forward to hearing more.

MB said...

Unfortunately with weight loss just thinking about it doesn't cut it. If it did I would have been at goal decades ago.

Good luck getting back into the groove.

Mrs. Tasha said...

Would love to have you join for my Try It Tuesday post..please share with your blog readers as well. You can get the link for it and the button on my page on the right hand side! Thanks so helping me make this a success :)

Heidi said...

You can do it. Rededicate yourself and start off one step at a time. Try not to look back, but rather forward and what you can achieve. And, if in 2 weeks, your still not quite back there - don't sweat it. Many, many people have set backs and it's OK. Get back to that gym and find your focus again.

Reem said...

Annie! I'm so glad you're back. Its okay we all slip up but I'm so proud of you for wanting to turn it around! You can do it, we're all rooting for you :)

LRS said...

Annie - I came to your site to read as much as I could about an honest review regarding Shakeology. I'm leaving your site even more convinced that food is more addictive than cigarettes. I quit smoking 1 year and 10 months ago and have no desire to ever start again (I’d hate to have to go through the quitting a second time ; ). I smoked for nearly 10 years and it was absolutely my favorite pastime. I used to say it was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but that was until a year after I quit that I decided I needed to get my binge eating under control. I'm still working on it and sometimes during moments of weakness I worry that I will never have a healthy relationship with food. That being said, I refuse to quit my efforts. Even though we aren’t there yet, we are still closer than we were yesterday. To quote Jimmy Dugan, “If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard... is what makes it great.”

The point in me sharing this with you is to help you to feel you are not alone. Every single person out there can say there have been times in their life where after many steps forward they have unfortunately taken a few steps back. Therefore; Honey, you fell off the wagon. Dust yourself off, hop back on and don't look back! I’m rooting for you :)