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Monday, August 23, 2010

Today I start! (and some updates)

I can't believe it's Monday already and the weekend is gone! Fortunately for me we a State holiday on Friday so I had another long weekend!  Plenty of activity went on and I'm glad to say eating is getting under control and I've decided to get bugged again... Bodybugg that is.  Today was my first day wearing it and I'm looking at a 600 calorie deficit... YAY!

Regarding my last post about cutting my addiction to food, I've learned that not only do you need a really good reason to do it but you also need to keep busy.  Not necessarily in the physical sense but busy in the sense that you need to keep your mind busy and not always on the thing you're trying to get over.

In other words find another "addiction"!

I've noticed that the times I mindlessly eat is when I'm home... alone... sitting in front of the TV. Surprise, right?  The boyfriend and I have opposite schedules so he works nights while I work days so I have so much free time in the evenings!  Well I've decided that I need to invest my time a little more wisely so I'm looking into a few different things:
  • Guinea Piggie Pies - I used to run a small (but successful) website that specialize in custom guinea pigs made out of polymer clay and if I can get back into it, it would make good side money as well.  I had to shut down the site because I was getting too many orders and had no time to work on them. 
  • Go back to school - Yup... never thought the day would come where I'd wanna go back to school but I think I do!  Plus I work for a university so the classes would be free.  HELLO!!!
  • Work from home - This is something I really would like to do so if you know of any legit work-from-home programs, send the recommendations my way!

Remember how excited I was to hit up Bed, Bath and Beyond the other weekend? Well, lets just say I don't think I'll be going back any time soon.  WAY too crowded and it really isn't anything that great.  Everything in Hawaii is more expensive than the Mainland so we don't get the cheap prices like up there... in fact our Target is more expensive than our K-Mart/Walmart. WTH?  Good news is I bought my shoe organizer and look...
Before: Shoes in a box and shoe boxes everywhere

 After: So neat and organized!
This was mid-fill... the rack is actually completely filled and I need more space!

Yay! The shoe organizer is actually an over-the-door kind of rack but our only door that this would fit on is like 9 feet tall so wouldn't make sense to hang it... I'm short and wouldn't be able to reach it.

AND another huge update I didn't even realize I missed was the new addition to our family!

This is Beans, Poki's second best friend!

We adopted Beans back in June from the local Humane Society and she has just been such an awesome dog.  Super mellow and such a cuddler.  And the best part is she likes the ocean! Poki hates the water and never goes in but Beans loves it!  So now I have one more reason to get up off the couch and move outside!


    BubbleTeaResa said...

    Free classes?? Yeah, you better go back. I've been thinking of getting a second degree and I wish I had your opportunity! Bean's is adorable by the way and if you find anything good in the work from home area please pass it on to me!

    Katie J said...

    Good to see your post Annie!

    I know exactly how the guinea pig thing goes. I paint watermelon bowls and had too many orders and it became a chore rather then a hobby. I am just now getting back into it.

    Beans is soooooo cute - He is a good reason to go to the beach every chance you get. (insert jealousy here) Target more then Wally's/Kmart? Yikes! I love my Target! That just sucks.

    Look forward to seeing more posts from you :-D

    Annalisa201 said...

    Awwww... I want a puppy!
    I bought a shoe organiser too! LOL
    Our prices are outrageous too. :(
    YAY for deficit!!! Keep it up girl!!!
    And of course:
    GET YOUR A@@ TO CLASS! Don't you dare take free classes for granted. Almost anyone would kill for that opportunity! So jealous! Do tell what courses you decide on!!!

    Beth @ fatbustermack said...

    Congrats about getting bugged and going to school! The pups is so cute :)

    Dayne Gingrich said...

    Everything bad must be substituted with something good... there's no such thing as just 'STOPPING' an addiction.

    There needs to be a strong enough motivation to stop, also. You definitely have that.

    Love this post... as all of them!


    SUE M. said...

    I just found this blog and I really can't wait to follow your journey. I'm also 5' tall. Believe it or not, I also started my journey at 176.4 lbs!!! It took me 15 months to lose the weight following the Weight Watchers plan. I'm now trying to maintain my weight at 117 lbs!!! Keep up the good work. I'll be followin' - Sue