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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Always want what we can't have

One thing I find super interesting is the fact that when we can't do or have something, we want it more.

Tell me I can't have food for 12 hours before my blood test and food becomes this "I'll-give-up-one-year-of-my-life-to-have-a-bite-of-anything" sort of thing.

Gym is closed today?  But I can't go on with my life without getting my workout in today at the GYM right NNNOOOOWWWWW!

Recently, like for the last several months, I've been having knee problems and my desire to get in a good intense workout has never been this strong... E.V.E.R.  It's crazy!  I've had all the time in the world before my knee was hurting to get in all the crazy plyometric workouts I wanted but of course, I always had the option of "putting it off until tomorrow".

But now that I don't have the option to do them at all... that's all I want to do!!!

The up-side to all of this is that I've really focused on making sure my nutrition is good (since I can't get in the cardio sessions I'm used to) and weight-lifting has never been so consistent in my routine before.  For the last two years, weight-training has been a 2x, maybe 3x, a week thing for me, but for the last month or so it's been more like a 4x, maybe 5x, a week thing (doing splits each day so each muscle group has at least 48 hours of rest).

The awesome thing about doing this much weights... the muscle definition is definitely coming back.  Even though I'm 10ish lbs. heavier then my lowest weight of 135 last year, the way 145 lbs. looks on me now is totally different then what it looked like the first time I was at 145.  In fact, the boyfriend has said right now I look almost like I did at 135.

I can't wait to cut down more fat and see even more definition... talk about motivation!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Sorry to hear about your knee. If you can, go for physio and it you will heal. It helped me to fix my muscle imbalance and now that I have the exercise, I can do them without going back to physio if it flares up.

Miles In Murray said...

Hey Girl,

It was good to see you back! I am doing well. It sounds like you are right back to it, as well! I have been trying to kick my own butt into gear. It can be SOOOO hard though!

Keep it UP :)

Kyle Gershman said...

i'm back...I think I'm back...anyway, wonderful to see you here when so many others have disappeared. How is my hottie from HI doing?