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Friday, October 14, 2011


... I know I said I'd be back in the AM for a post... guess I should have specified which AM.  :)

 Anyway, if you're still following me I'm hoping to really start blogging again... like for real this time. 

Reasons why:

1.)  Motivation is back BABY! The past month or so has been pretty good... in fact, pretty amazing.  Nutrition is down to a consistency and workouts... oh, workouts... how I've missed you!  Motivation is such a funny thing because to have it, you kinda have to have a reason to have it (follow me?).  But to have a reason to, you kinda have to have motivation.  I hate catch-22's, but when they work, they work. 

2.)  Check out my stats to the right... notice that the weight has F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. started to come back down?  I've lost 10 of the 30 lbs. I regained from the 50ish I originally lost.  As a recap...

college years = MAJOR weight gain
2008 = heaviest weight ever at 176 and decided that was it
2009-2010 = lost about 50 lbs. 
2010 = put 30 of those lbs. back on
2011 = fighting the good fight ever since

Yup, being consistent with exercise and nutrition will get you back on track... who knew, right?

3.)  I really miss the people and support I found from the blog world.

4.)  Blogging was fun for me and now I have more time to do it.  Over the past year I was super busy with work related stuff and just never wanted to be on the computer if I didn't have to.  Plus, when you regain weight, how fun is that to talk about?

So here's hoping that you'll be seeing me more often!


Anonymous said...

I miss you and was thinking of you this week. I have gained 10 pounds and have been fighting the fight to my dear. I was supposed to be in Hawaii this week but had to cancel due to a new job...boohooo! Looking forward to your new blog posts.

Miss Obesity Rehab said...

Hey1 I just read an old comment ofyours on my page and I am happy to see you´re doing well! I have mty motivation back to and am back on my diet to get to my goal weight of 55 kg! Good luck on your journey! xxx carla