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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday, barbells and a delivery!

Starting weight: 176.4
Last week weight: 141.6
Current weight:140.2
Current loss: -1.4

What a relief!  My trainer has been gone for three weeks and I was determined to pull a good number the next time I saw him and I did.  He actually didn't believe the number and had me jump on the scale again.  Such faith. 

Today I also started barbell training.  I'm really comfortable with dumbbells and have used them for the last three years but this past weekend I did some light barbell work on my own and LOVED it!  My lower body has never felt so strong!  With dumbbells, my grip gives out before my legs get tired so I was never able to push my lower body to fatigue by weight (changing the tempo of your lift with lighter weight gives a good fatigue too).  Enter, the barbell!  I asked my trainer to teach me more but because he already had my workout planned for today we went over the easier barbell moves like chest and shoulder presses.  Next week we'll hit deadlifts and squats. I can't wait!

And to change the topic a little, my mom's work building just started FarmRoofFarmRoof is exactly that... farming on the roof of buildings. I know it's nothing new but the concept is pretty new to Hawaii and her building is the first building in downtown Honolulu to have it.

 Picture from FarmRoof website.

She signed up to receive weekly boxes of veggies delivered to her at work and because the delivery comes with two boxes, she emailed me right away to see if I would be interested in buying one of the boxes.  Fresh veggies weekly for $5... OF COURSE  I'll take it!

I really hope this concept catches on because the rooftops of so many buildings are pretty much wasted space.  Plus, everyone could use more veggies in their life.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the progress! Farm Roof looks cool. Thanks for sharing.