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Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'll eat crap, but nothing in plastic, please

"I'll eat anything, but nothing in plastic!"

That's what one of my friends, let's just call her "Sally", said to me the other day. She is obese for her height and she loads up on things from drive-thru's several times a week. Anyway, she usually brings her lunch (usually a variety of highly processed foods or left-overs from a night out) in these cute plastic containers and brings her water in a washable water bottle. But for the last several weeks I noticed that she was only using regular water bottles and bringing her food in foil - then she would use one of the ceramic plates in the kitchen to warm up her food.

When I asked her about it, she said she read an article (like this one or this one) about the dangers of using reusable water containers and plastic food storage containers. I kind of looked at her confused.

Yes, I know there are some recent studies about the dangers of bisphenol A, and although controversial, I do believe there is reason for some concern - but that's another blog.

So what confused me about what Sally said is the fact that she is willing to put crap (a.k.a junk food) into her body but she has sworn off all plastic containers because of something she read on the internet. Even though the "crap" she eats has been PROVEN over and over again, to be unhealthy and the cause of many health problems!

Priorities, people!


Anonymous said...

It boggles the mind what people put a priority on sometimes!

Jeff said...

The best is when you see someone who just spent $250 on getting their hair done and then they go and get a Super Sized Big Mac meal. Most people have to learn the hard way. When the doctor gives them bad news.

Michael said...

Well said. I think it's also hypocritical for anyone to get unhealthy take-out food and add a diet Coke as a beverage. Who are we kidding here?

WillsCRnewaddition said...

So maybe you should tell your friend the truth. Or perhaps she has read this blog by now...

keep up the great work.