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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Warning: Big Head Coming Through!

There should be some type of warning for people who have decided to change their lives when they "reenter" the real world.

When I say "change their lives" I mean start exercising, start eating healthy, and/or start losing weight.

When I say "reenter the real world" I mean getting back to the non-healthy eating, non-exercising, weight-gaining type of people.

The other week I blogged about how great Facebook (FB) was as a new weight-loss tool, but I forgot that if it's too good to be true... then it's too good to be true. I got served a really good dose of reality by a "friend" on FB. I use the term "friend" loosely because that's all you can call people on FB. Anyway, this "friend" found his way over to my blog and then decided to get back on FB and post to everyone how disgusted he was with "people who love themselves too much".

Do I love myself too much?!?!?!?!

I doubt it! It's taken me so long to just like myself again!

I am DAMN proud of myself for losing weight (as anyone who makes this life-style change should be) and maybe this proudness has come of as arrogance. This blog is a place for me to write about my experiences, emotions, progress, set-backs... pretty much anything I want to. If someone finds there way here and decides to follow my blog, that's their choice (and one I appreciate!), but when someone finds there way here and then starts talking sh*t, that pisses me off.

This "friend" came to me to ask me questions about my weight-loss... I didn't find them and brag to them about what I'm doing. I wish they would have thought about how much hard work I have done and maybe realized this blog is not about being "in love with myself". This friend has been trying to lose weight for a couple of months now, so even more so they should realize how difficult it can be.

I'm here to help anyone who asks for help and hopefully inspire others to either start this journey for themselves or keep on going when they hit a rough spot.

As far as how I feel after this "friend" did this to me... well, even more motivated to keep pushing myself to lose the weight. So thank you, "friend", for that!


MAJL said...

Sorry to hear you had to deal with that! Blogging isn't about loving yourself; geeze! Your blog has and continues to inspire me! Many of my local friends don't share the same aspirations so reading your blog and others, and writing in mine have helped me to relate to people with common goals and aspirations. So thank you Amazing Shrinking Girl; I ho you keep blogging for a very long time.

Missresa said...

To me, it's just plain and simple... NO ONE is being forced to read anyone's blog, so if they don't like it, DON'T READ it!!! Why in the world do people find the need to talk crap about others?! Don't worry about anyone is too small-minded to understand what you're going through. Some people just have to talk badly about others because it makes them feel better about themselves. I LOVE your blog, Annie, and am glad that you're strong enough to use the negatives to keep you going!

Anonymous said...

Hey Annie,

Really sorry you got the "jerk comment" as I like to call them. He/She probably doesn't know the difference between being proud/happy of your progress vs loving yourself. Your blog certainly doesn't come across that way to me or I wouldn't be following it. :) Excellent that it motivated you to push harder than to bring you down!

You're doing great Annie! Keep it up, you are rockin' the fitness and health journey!

MB said...

That person is no friend of yours. You should be proud of yourself and brag away. You deserve it.