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Monday, July 13, 2009

PT session updates

So I've just realized it's been FOREVER since I gave an update on my PT sessions. Well they're still going A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! So much so, that I think I'm going to buy 30 more sessions after the ones I have now.

For anyone who's thinking about it, I highly recommend investing in a trainer. Their knowledge of of executing exercises with proper form is worth it for me, but they also provide a completely new form of motivation and inspiration. I can almost guarantee that the majority of people out there are either using bad/improper form of the body or the actual execution of the exercise... things like tensing up or using some of the wrong muscle groups, misplacement of feet, bending over too little or too much, keeping elbows and knees "soft" but wrists straight and locked, executing the exercise at a slightly wrong angle or plane to the muscle you're trying to work, flexing or curling of the toes for balancing exercises, alignment of neck and spine, chest up and back straight, etc.

Of course there are people out there getting awesome results without ever speaking to a certified personal trainer, but what I'm learning with my PT will make my future weight-trainings so much more effective.

And yes, a PT is all good and worth it, IF (and this is a big if!) they are good at their job and you like them!

Being good at their job means they make you feel comfortable working with them, they motivate you and push you just beyond your comfort limit, they pay attention to YOU when it's your time with them, they listen to what your goals are and they make an exercise plan to help you reach that goal. Don't settle for a trainer who's too busy looking at themselves in the mirror when you're working out or a trainer who has all his or her clients doing the same routine or who pushes what they think you should be doing, not what you want to do.

I was really lucky to find a trainer I liked on the first try because I have heard some horror stories from my friends who have tried a PT. But because my PT works really well for me, the reason why I'm thinking of getting more sessions is mainly because I don't feel comfortable with my form yet. I've come a really long way, but there are still areas I really need help with. My initial plan was to only get a trainer for one group of sessions to learn the basics then redo CLX and P90X on my own, but... the motivation I get from my PT is way different than anything I could get off of a dvd. Don't get me wrong, I love my Beachbody products, but until I know what I'm capable of doing beyond my limits (rep/weight wise) I don't think I will get the full benefit out of the dvds. My PT pushes me hard to get out the last reps that I thought I couldn't do and to me, this is just as important as improving my form.

After 30 more sessions with my PT, I can't wait to see what I can do!

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