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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The wonder that is Facebook

The other week I finally did... I joined facebook (find me there!). Well that's a lie. I've had an account for a while, but never did anything with it: no friends, no pictures, not even a profile update!

When I finally set up my account, I was debating on whether or not I would just keep my account as a "social networking" tool and keep the weight-loss/fitness/nutrition part out of it, but then I thought WHY?! My weight-loss journey, as well as fitness and nutrition, has become a part of me so why wouldn't I want to include parts of that on facebook. I'm totally okay with posting my most recent Bejeweled score but not okay with talking about something that's giving me a better life? HELLO?!

So, at the protest of some of my friends who are tired of hearing about exercising and eating right, I write about anything I want on facebook: what I ate that day, how the gym was, the latest updates from Beach Body (gotta love that company), anything! And you know what, I'm so glad that I do because facebook has opened up a whole new world of inspiration, motivation, and accountability for me! Not only do I have to check-in with my MFD groups and my blogger peeps, but now I have to keep accountable to people who actually know and remember me from high school or my previous jobs.

I have to make sure I walk the walk, not just talk the talk!

Because I live on a small island, it's so easy to run into people who I haven't seen in months or even years, so if I'm spewing all this stuff about eating healthy, exercising, going to the gym, etc., etc., etc., then I have to make sure I'm still making noticeable progress. HUGE form of accountability... and I'll take it

Facebook has also opened up opportunities for me to help other people who want to lose weight or start exercising. Because I always post any specials my gym is having, I've signed up three people already (gawd... the gym should be paying ME) and I've had several people ask me where to get started. I've got a couple friends interested in P90X but no buyers yet.

... I never would have thought that blogging and facebook would help me along this new lifestyle.


Missresa said...

I lOVE facebook! I'm officially addicted to it. Mainly because I can keep up with friends all at the same time(which SAVES time), but also because seeing everyone's updates with P90X and other workouts keeps me motivated! Love the blog, girlie... You light the fi-yah under me to keep on going!

Anonymous said...

Great Annie! Facebook is just that for us BB members and coaches an inspiration and accountability tool! If you haven't discovered it yet you can link the "notes" to your "blog" so that whenever you post a new entry in your blog within a day it will sync to your facebook as a note! :)

katsuboy said...

I thought you just used Farm Town on that site, hahaha!