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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm still here kinda making it :)

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Happy Tuesday!

I'm still full of turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes from last week!  Who else?!

Here is an update to my goals as of now and let's just say last week was TOUGH:

11/01: DAY OFF; 353 calorie deficit
11/02: 90 min kayaking; -169 calories over
11/03: 0 exercise; 30 calorie def.
11/04: 79 min cardio mix; 938 calorie def.
11/05: 66 min cardio; 669 calorie def.
11/06: 73 min gym time; 655 calorie def.

11/07: 131 min hike; 652 calorie def.
11/08: DAY OFF; 325 calorie def.
11/09: 62 min circuit training; 424 cal def.
11/10: 0 exercise; 53 cal def.
11/11: 45 min elliptical; 527 cal def.
11/12: 60 min cardio + lower body weights; 982 cal def.
11/13: 120 min hike + upper body weights; 1025 cal def.

11/14: 125 min treadmill + lower body weights; 923 cal def.
11/15: DAY OFF; 218 cal def.
11/16: 0 exercise; 64 cal def.
11/17: 60 min circuit training; 261 cal def.
11/18: 70 min elliptical; 524 cal def.
11/19: 53 min walk;
11/20: 82 min elliptical;

11/21: 0 exercise;
11/22: 0 exercise;
11/23: 62 min circuit training;
11/24: DAY OFF; 207 cal def.
11/25: 0 exercise;+609 cal def.
11/26: 96 min walk;+90 cal def.
11/27: 95 min hike;231 cal def.
11/28: 85 min elliptical; 853 cal def.

11/29: DAY OFF; 245 cal def.
11/30:73 min circuit training;

          1,527/4,000 exercise minutes
          9,291/31,500 calorie deficit

(Those blank calorie def. up there for the 19 - 23 is because I didn't track calories those days)

So as you can see I'm not even half-way to my goals and there is only half the time left in 2010! I realize I may not be able to reach my exercise minutes and calorie deficits BUT that's not gonna stop me from trying!  I have two weeks off in December so hoping I can use that time to do some major make-up work.


Elizabeth Oak said...

WOW. You are so dedicated! I am Impressed. Your progress and effort is inspiring. I can't believe you aren't a Beachbody coach yet! I signed up and I'm only on day 35 of P90X. It's free to sign up 'til December 31st. I'd love to have you on my team.
I just started a facebook community for motivation and support, if you've got the time check it out! http://www.facebook.com/pages/ElizabethOak-Independent-Team-Beachbody-Coach/173851539300996
I'll be browsing your blog more now that I'm officially a follower...wow that makes me sound like a stalker...
Back to You. Awesome, Awesome, Awesomeness. Keep up the Amazingness!

Amelia said...

Very Impressive workouts girl! WTG...

BTW-Tag your it!!! I tagged you in a recent post! Have a good weekend!