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Thursday, November 4, 2010

New month! New goals!

So the weekend challenge was a flop BUT I'm gonna keep on keeping on!

New month! New goals! New motivation!

Some of my goals for the remainder of the year:

0/4000 minutes of exercise
0/31,500 calorie deficit

This breaks down to 66 minutes of exercise and having a 517 calorie deficit everyday for the rest of the year! Even with the holidays coming up I know I can do this. :)

I also want to start refocusing on what I eat, not just how much I eat because for the last three or four weeks I've been back in this game: eating and exercise.  But I have yet to see the scale move.  And I know we're not suppose to focus on the scale, but when your considered "obese" and no where near a healthy weight for your height, something isn't right.

A majority of people underestimate their calories but I've been at this game for a while now and know "guesstimating" doesn't always work when you're trying to lose weight.  I'm a strict measuring cup/spoon user so I know my calorie counts are pretty accurate.  I've been eating mostly prepacked/processed food to keep it simple but I think that is what's hurting my weight.  When I first lost the weight I focused on absolutely NO processed foods and the weight came off easily.

So another goal for the last two months of 2010 will be to start reincorporating REAL foods.  Hoping that will get the scale moving again...


Continuous Changes said...

You can do this, annie!! i know you can. if you ever wanna talk, i am always here for you! :) keep up the great work :)

Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

great goals! I'm working on tracking as well. Here's to a great 2010!