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Monday, November 8, 2010

Should I get a car?

Happy Monday!

Had an amazing weekend with lots of activity time! Here is an update to my goals as of now:

11/01: 0 exercise; 353 calorie deficit
11/02: 90 min kayaking; -169 calories over
11/03: 0 exercise; 30 calorie def.
11/04: 79 min cardio mix; 938 calorie def.
11/05: 66 min cardio; 669 calorie def.
11/06: 73 min gym time; 655 calorie def.
11/07: 131 min hike; 652 calorie def

          439/4,000 exercise minutes
          3,123/31,500 calorie deficit

What really helped was having a car available to me when the boyfriend was working. Long story short, we got a stick-shift car earlier this year and I still haven't taken the time to learn to drive it so...  I have no car when the boyfriend works at nights and on the weekends.  As much as I love our Infiniti, I want my freedom back, too!

But this past week my parents were out of town so I used their car. I got to the gym Saturday night and did a nice treadmill-elliptical-stairmaster cycle and Sunday I went on a hike by myself which was really nice!

So now I'm wondering if it's worth it for me to get my own car.  Not just for the gym factor, but think it's just time for me to get my own.  We've shared a car for a while since I work days and he works nights but before we had a manual car, I would use the car a lot to go gym at night before I pick up my boyfriend from work.  Right now I calculated that our $30 monthly gym membership costs us $5 each gym session since we only make it about 6 times a month! So NOT worth it! It's something I'm thinking about so we'll see...  :)


CJ said...

You are doing so great! Good for you :)

Car can be such a useful thing, plan it carefully and go for it :)

Katie J said...

I do not know how to drive stick and I am in my mid 40s! You are not alone.

I would do the old Pros/Cons list and see what you come up with. Would you get something brand new or new to you? (Used)

Annalisa201 said...

Yeah, I'm putting a hold on my gym membership too, using it only about 4-5 times a month currently, (in my defence, I still run and bootcamp 3xweek) but it's just not happening until I come back from holidays.
You could always learn to drive the manual? I love driving manuals, cuz it's power and control. It makes me feel bad-ass. But if it's convenience you're looking for... Pro's and con list is a good idea. Good luck Annie :)

Chris Davis said...

Hi Annie! Glad to see you're still at it. Sorry I've been absent. I gave up on gym memberships a long time ago for the reason is I end up hardly going. As I'm sure you know for P90X you don't need a lot of equipment to do well. Guess it really comes down to what motivates you I know some people just can't workout at home even if they have the space for it. :)

Annalisa201 said...

Where ya at Annie? I'm still in size 12, the same weight as I started GAG. Oh well. I leave in a week, you must check in before I go. Miss ya!