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Monday, November 9, 2009

Goal update: 1 week down, 3 to go

First week of November is gone already... it's so fast!

So here's an update to my November goals and I've also added my rewards for staying accountable through this challenge. The first week was tough - not because it was hard to do - but because I was so unmotivated! I only averaged about 2.5 pts. a day! In order to hit anything on my reward list, I need to at least average 3.5 pts a day... I know I can do this! I HAVE to do this!

Yesterday I started this week out AWESOME: got in over 2 hours of exercise, burned over 2500 cals according to my Bodybugg, ate less than 1600 cals, drank well over 64 oz of water, and had about 135g protein. Hope to keep it up but gonna take it one day at a time.

November '09 Goals:
Daily 'Bank' Account
Nov. wk 1: +17 (balance: +17)
Nov. 08: +5 pts (balance: +22)
Nov. 09:
Nov. 10:
Nov. 11:
Nov. 12:
Nov. 13:
Nov. 14:

End of November pt. totals and rewards:
  • 130 pts - new blender
  • 125 pts - new green supplement
  • 120 pts - new shoes (heels!)
  • 110 pts - new sports bras
  • 100 pts - haircut
  • less than 100 - diddly squat



Your point system is too cool. I was just reading your post about not being able to live without icecream and I so relate. That is my one thing. I always thought it would be soda, and I do indulge in occassional fizzy drink but it doesn't haunt me the way icecream does. It was like the one thing I HAD to have. I would buy the double churn lower fat stuff and only eat half a cup and that would be good most of the time. But I just decided one day to quit buying crap because if it was there I would eat it. Now I can buy chips and soda for my hubby and kids and not partake. But, I just realized I havent had icecream in the house in months. Somehow I havent even allowed myself to go down that isle. So 2 things to end this blab of mine... 1) if you want to give it up you can, and 2) if you dont want to and you are happy with how things are going then enjoy. There are things I have to have because I will not eat carboard and tofu to be skinny. Its so not worth it. Wishing you best of luck with the rest of your journey.

MackAttack said...

I love this goal/rewards system. What a positive way to go about things! And what fun rewards!

Annalisa201 said...

So much fun! Way to go. Your miles tracking is good too! You're so inspirational Annie :) Have a good week!

Boomer said...

Your off to a great start for the week. I have never heard of the point system. It seems like a good tool to help you make your goals.

Anonymous said...

i love the points system! i love anything where rewards are involved, so your 'bank' would probably work well for me. thanks for the inspiration!