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Monday, November 30, 2009


Are you feeling like that, too?

Last week was a blur...
  • 3-day work week (YAY!)
  • two Thanksgiving meals on Thursday
  • early PT session on Friday (no shopping for me)
  • picked up our Christmas tree on Saturday
  • a non-Thanksgiving dinner Saturday night
  • and another Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday
I really can't believe the end of November is here already! Am I getting older or is time really speeding up? Anyway, a week of not blogging makes a girl antsy... so many updates and catching up to do! Let's start with a quick 'bank account' update:

November '09 Goals: Daily 'Bank' Account
Nov. wk 1: +17 (balance: +17)
Nov. wk 2: +20 (balance: +37)
Nov. wk 3: +22 (balance: +59)
Nov. wk 4: +16 (balance: +75)
Nov. 30: +5 pt. (balance: +80)

End of November pt. totals and rewards:
  • 130 pts - new blender
  • 125 pts - new green supplement
  • 120 pts - new shoes (heels!)
  • 110 pts - new sports bras
  • 100 pts - haircut
  • less than 100 - diddly squat
So as you can see, I didn't even hit 100 points total! Kinda sad but in the end, this 'bank account' system did exactly what it was suppose to do... keep me accountable! So I'm proud of that. And if you remember my post from the other weekend, I already got a blender and a new green supplement. I'm sure Santa will bring me the other items on my list!

And now a quick update for the ABC's of food:

I did some cooking this weekend but nothing for the next few letters... D... E... or F. I'll be working on those meals this week so I may not be able to update the ABC's until this weekend.

Update on Weigh-in Wednesdays:
Several people have emailed/commented me about my weight. If you've noticed, the last time I posted a 'Weigh-in Wednesday' was over three weeks ago! And there's a good reason... I've been so off track recently, I've no doubt gained a few pounds and this weekend of eating definitely didn't help. BUT, I know fluctuations are part of the journey so weekly weigh-ins will start again this Wednesday... extra Thanksgiving weight included!

I'll be back later tonight to announce something I'm supper excited about!!! All I can say is BRING IT!!!


~*~ Beckie-Lynn ~*~ said...

Don't worry about the weigh-in... sometimes we need a break from the scale anyway. GREAT JOB on your banking system... I really like that idea!!! Sounds like you've been doing really good so Santa better bring you the rest of your gifts! lol. Keep rockin', girl!!! :-)

Dayne Gingrich said...

How do you spell committed? Oh yeah... ANNIE!

Love this. You're so freakin' dedicated. How difficult will the holiday season be? Of course it'll be tough, but...

Commit yourself to (X). This "X" can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it's challenging, yet achievable in the short term (holiday season, specifically). Make your mind see something specific, that you wake up for every morning, and go to bed thinking about achieving every night.

Push yourself to the line of (X), and when you feel the "pain," remember that you're totally committed to (X). You've told yourself that nothing will knock you off that path of (X).

Remember, Annie: It's all about what we WANT, never about what we don't want. You want (X)? Go get it!!!!

Good luck,

Boomer said...

I gained a couple pounds this past week. I had to admit that I enjoy my multiple Thanksgiving dinners! Even my Insanity workout couldn't stop the weight gain. Oh well, back to the nutrition plan.

Alissa said...

I love your honesty and enthusiasm! So helpful because I'm feeling the same way! I'm following along with Jen's 25 days till Christmas challenge. I'm back to logging in MFD too... you use that right?

Mandie said...

Ugh...sooo glad it's over, that's all I've got to say! It was great while it lasted, but I'm ready to MOVE FORWARD!!!! Sounds like you are too!!!