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Monday, November 2, 2009

New month = new goals

Is it seriously November already?! WOW!

Well a new month means it's time for new goals too. Instead of doing my usual monthly goal, this month I'm going to focus on daily goals... things I should be hitting every day. I've noticed that when I make myself accountable everyday I do much better with my goals because I don't have another day to make up for anything. With a weekly/monthly goal, I would have it in the back of my head that, "Oh, if I screw up today, I'll make up for it tomorrow. No big deal." Yeah, that's not so bad...
But no! Instead I would repeat that same phrase and keep pushing it off till tomorrow...
then tomorrow...
then tomorrow again!

Well no more! Daily accountability, here I come!

So this is the plan. I'm big on balancing out my checking account and keeping it in the positive, so I'm gonna apply that same principle to my daily healthy 'bank' account:

So I can earn anywhere from -5 to +5 max points a day (4 max pts. on my OFF exercise day)... simply put, if I do it, I get points. If I don't do it, I get negatives. And this month I'm not setting a weight goal... just wanna focus on the daily things that need to be done because if I do that, the weight-loss will follow.


Ladybug said...

I love your daily bank account idea! Good luck with your continued journey.

MackAttack said...

Daily goals are so important, I totally agree! That's funny that you still balance your checkbook! That's awesome!