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Monday, November 16, 2009

'A' is for Avocado


... as in avocado ice cream!

(NOTE: I used an ice cream maker to make this recipe, however you don't need one. I will include both ice cream maker procedures as well as non-ice cream maker procedures. If using an ice cream maker, be sure to chill the cooler for at least a day before making this recipe.)

So why avocado? Well besides being a great source of healthy fats, there are so many studies out there that prove the health benefits of including avocado in your diet. You can read about avocado and it's health benefits here, here, and here.

Makes about 10, half cup servings. Nutrition facts (at the end) are for a half-cup serving.
  • 4 ripe avocados
  • 1c Greek yogurt
  • 0.5c skim milk/soy milk
  • 0.5c agave nectar
  • 0.5c lime juice
  • pinch of sea salt
According to Wikipedia, a study was conducted on the effects of avocado on cholesterol. Specifically, after a seven day diet rich in avocados, "the subjects showed a 22% decrease in both LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglyceride levels and 11% increase in HDL (good cholesterol) levels." SEVEN DAYS!
1.) If using fresh limes for juice, squeeze limes until you get half of cup of juice. It took 4 limes for me to get half a cup. Set aside.

2.) Cut avocados in half, remove pits, and scoop flesh out of skin. Cut into 1" cubes.
3.) Combine all ingredients into food processor or blender and blend till smooth.

4.) Pour mixture into a well chilled ice cream maker machine and follow your ice cream machine's directions from this point on. ENJOY!
If you're not using an ice cream machine, follow the next set of instructions (sorry no pictures for these procedures).

5.) After blending all ingredients well, poor mixture into a freezer-safe container and freeze for about 30 minutes or until mixture starts to freeze around the edges.

6.) Scrape down edges and mix avocado mixture well until all ice crystals are well combined. About 2 - 3 minutes. Place back in the freezer for another 30 minutes and repeat procedure two or three more times, until avocado mixture becomes hard to mix.

7.) At this point, leave mixture in the freezer for a couple of hours to really set and turn into ice cream. ENJOY!


MAJL said...

Looks awesome; you are so lucky to be able to buy Fage since we don't have it in Canada.

Amazon Runner said...

Ooo, YUMMY! I will give this a try!

Christine said...

Oh YUM! I never would have thought of making avocado ice cream but now I am absolutely INTRIGUED with the idea and MUST try it.

Awesome. Tnx so much for posting this! ♥

Anonymous said...

This looks wonderful...makes me wish that I werent allergic to avocados! I will have to recommend this to my sister, she could eat avacados all day long!

Bethany said...

I am definitely going to try this!!

Katie J said...

Hmmm... I love avocados but ice cream? Sounds interesting!

Annalisa201 said...

WT... Really? Looks fabulous. I LOVE that you are an adventurous eater. So am I. I'll try this when I have time...

Just wondering if this method works for other fruit, specifically Mangos - fundraiser at the school had me buying a crate of mangos... looking for ideas of what to do with 20 Mango's!

Also, alternative to Agave Nectar?

Mrs. Sheila said...

That sounds like a very interesting recipe. I would most likely be one of the unpurists and add splenda in place of the agave nectar ( only because agave nectar is known to raise blood sugars).

MackAttack said...

That is TOTALLY inventive! What did it taste like? avocado? sweeter?

Anonymous said...

Oh My God. I want to eat it with tortilla chips, though. Because I love salt and sweet. And I'd really like to marry a nice ripe avacado. GREAT recipe!