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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Calories AS exercise minutes

This is a conversation I had the other day with Anthony:

Me (shouting to Anthony in the kitchen): Can you bring me back a cookie, please?
Anthony: Are you sure you want one? (He has been assigned to be my nutrition boot-camp instructor at home which is why he's being difficult about the cookie.)
Me: Yeah, but only bring me one, not the entire container unless you want there to be no cookies left.
Anthony: You sure?  One cookie is like being on the "dreadmill" (our word for treadmill) for an hour or more.
Me: Sh*t, forget that!  I don't want it that badly!

Is that genius or what?!  To think of snacks, drinks, and all other food I don't need as exercise minutes.
I love it!

So for example, have one of these:

And you'll have an awesome date with this guy for about two hours:

Thinking of treating yourself to this bad boy:

Well this guy is going to require about an extra hour and a half with this:

Thinking of an extra slice of pizza for dinner:

You might as well walk to the Pizzaria cause it'll cost you about three hours of walking.

Kinda not worth it when I look at my favorite foods like this.  It's all about perspective and now that I started to get my exercise groove back I'll totally be thinking of food as exercise minutes.  That should totally keep me away from my Ben & Jerry's... or at least it will keep my serving size down to a bite or two.


HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

Why do you keep cookies in the house? simpler solution, don't buy them ;) instead of cookies get some greek yogurt in honey flavor... lots of proteins and not a lot of sugar.

And would you really want to eat the stuff on those pictures? that's the nice thing about changing and losing weight, things like that look bad to me LOL


Amanda said...

I love it, Annie! I think I do this too, but have never really thought about it before! So not worth it much of the time. I'm glad you are still feeling great and going strong!

Annalisa201 said...

WOW! Been absent from blogging for a couple weeks, and every single one of my favourite blogs (you, of course, being in the top 5) is SO DANG INSPIRING!!! SO happy you've got your groove back! (I'd love to say "tonight", but can't) After Easter, I'm so menu planning for myself. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Sara said...

Interesting post, but for some reason that is not how I view things. I just try to each within my calorie range. I plan my diet out where i can have a cookie or ice cream, but what ever happens I can't go over my calorie range. Btw congra's on your weight loss, you look great.

davs said...

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