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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can't stop... won't stop

Hey Bloggies...

I'm still going at it but took an unexpected day off because I wasn't feeling good.

Fri: day off (yay!)
Sat: no exercise  =(
Sun: 45 min circuit training
Mon: 45 min elliptical

On Saturday I had a lovely wedding to go to and the reception was at a restaurant known for their buffet.  To say the least, I ate too much in too little time so I was sick, sick, sick for the rest of the day.  It even carried over to Sunday but I manage to get in my circuit training in the afternoon.

So last night, I got on the computer to check some emails and catch up on my favorite blogs.  The first blog I pulled up was from Jen, A Prior Fat Girl.  It was a pretty normal post for her but as I got to the end of the post, something clicked inside of me.  She wrote:
"I used to just nod my head at people who made a bunch of food towards the beginning of the week, like “yeah yeah, that sounds nice” but I PROMISE it sets you up for success."
She is so absolutely right!  

When I was consistently losing weight last year, it had a lot to do with meal planning.  The minute I read that sentence (I didn't even  finish the rest of the post because I was so motivated) I shut down my computer, and headed to the grocery store to buy ingredients for my planned week of meals... at 10:15 pm. 

I quickly avoided the drunk people looking for a late night snack in the store, grabbed a bunch of stuff and headed back home.  By 11:45 I was done with my lunches for the rest of the week and tonight Anthony and I will cook dinner for the rest of the week.  THANKS, JEN!

Failing to plan is planning to fail... keep it in mind, people!


Miles In Murray said...

It is so true! When I planned ahead(and I actually over purchased healthy food), I lost a crap ton of weight. I have been trying to get back into it lately, but I find it sooo hard sometimes!

Amanda said...

This is very true! That's awesome that you got so much done already! I need to get better about meal planning again...
Glad you are feeling better. Buffets are so hard sometimes. GAH!

Shavonne said...

Meal Planning is the way to go! But how do you plan for two people and one of them is a picky eater ?!