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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday: GAIN!

Starting weight: 176.4 lbs.
Last week weight:  126.0
Current weight:  126.4
Current loss:  +0.4
TOTAL LOSS:  -50.0

TOUGH week lead to a weight-gain but no big deal.  I knew my eating was off track so it's just a matter of getting back to my regular schedule this week.

Yesterday I had my last certification exam to finalize everything I need to become a personal trainer. 

When I spoke to the gym manager yesterday, he was talking to me as if I already had the job.  We had talked a couple of weeks earlier so he was aware that I was going on a trip in two weeks, but this is what he said to me:
"Since you have all your certifications, submit a resume on-line and email me when you do it.  Then we can get all the hiring paperwork taken care of before you leave on your trip and when you get back you can start."

Umm... does that mean I have a job?!

Here's hoping!!


Jenn said...

Sounds like you have a job!!! Yay!!! How exciting!!!!!! :)

Nellie said...

Congrats! I think I might want to try to become a personal trainer one day too. Maybe? :) I need to get to your level of fitness though!

Raeesa Samizdat said...

Yeah! Congratulations! You will make one awesome PT :)

gjsmommy said...

If I lived in Hawaii, I would be one of your first victims/clients!

Chris Davis said...

Sounds positive to me - you deserve the job. The type of trainer most would want!

Miles In Murray said...

Congratulations! YOu rock!!!