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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday: It's official

Starting weight: 176.4 lbs.
Last week weight:  128.4 (4/18/12)
Current weight:  127.4
Current loss:  -1.0
TOTAL LOSS:  -49.0

Two weeks and down one pound... I'll take it!  In fact, now days I'm happy with any weight-loss week to week since I'm in a muscle building phase.  

Speaking of building muscle, it's official...

I've changed my fitness goals to bodybuilding!

Just kidding about the picture!  Not that there's anything wrong with a female body like that... it's just not what I want to look like.

Bodybuilding, in it's simplest form, is basically reshaping the body with muscle.  In other words, it's now my goal to not only be strong, but to LOOK strong, too, because I think muscle definition looks good on both men and women.

Erin Stern = AMAZING!!!

I realize I have a W-A-Y-S to go, but after discussing this with my trainer, he and I both came to the conclusion that I have a really good starting point since I've been lifting consistently for over three years.  We're already able to see good muscle definition in certain areas, so it's now time to "even out" the weaker areas and build them up to give me a more balanced look.

I don't plan on competing - no way! - but I'm totally excited to see what I can do.

Of course, this now means nutrition has to, has to, has to, be a lot stricter so my body can shed the fat but still build muscle.  This equals to clean eating on the higher end of the scale (1600 - 1800 calories).

Measurements get taken with my trainer next week, so I'll be able to see if I truly am building muscle AND losing weight (like last month!).


Raeesa Samizdat said...

Annie! I'm so happy to read this!

I kind of/sort of shifted my goal to bodybuilding as well, but am a total newbie to this whole endeavor (baby steps :)

I have a meeting with personal trainer this afternoon to get started on basics, form (so need this) and I'm looking forward to reading and learning from your approach too!

Anonymous said...

Not only does definition look good, it helps your bra straps stay up and you can carry more stuff. :) Congrats on your 1 pound loss. Have you checked out the WF in Kailua yet? It is awesome! Excellent poke bar.

affectionforfitness said...

Hi Annie! It sounds exciting! Have fun with this! I'm sure you'll give us plenty of details.

:-) Marion

Caron said...

Great job on the weight loss. It does get slower as you go along but you're still making progress. I'll be curious to hear what you change about your nutrition. I'm always getting ideas from blogs. :)

Mandy said...

Congrats on the loss. Exciting about the new direction - I can't wait to follow that journey.

Anonymous said...

This is great Annie!
I agree that I think women with good muscle definition look great!
You have already been such an inspiration with your strength training, I can't wait to read how this new fitness goal progresses!

Miles In Murray said...

Woohoo!! I am so excited for you. Muscle definition is GORGEOUS :)

Blog Wobble said...

WOW! That's an awesome goal, I wish you the best of luck on your journey! Super exciting :D

Maren said...

That is FANTASTIC! I can not wait to see how you progress, you will be amazing at this!