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Friday, December 12, 2008

MFD entry 17

This post was copied from an entry on My Food Diary (MFD) during my pre-blogging days. Back then, I used the forums on MFD as my daily 'blog'. Just wanted to get my entire journey in one place.
December 12, 2008
Some updates and weigh-in:

I tried to go running again this past Wednesday, however my shin splints have flared up and it doesn't look like their going away any time soon. I've had them all my life since I played sports in high school, so I kind of knew they were going to return. My run turned into a brisk walk, but even then I was hurting. This was my third time running but I think I may have over done it this time. I iced it and have been massaging it daily since I started training last week but it looks like I'm going to be staying away from running till next year. Hopefully three weeks is enough for it to heal and I can start wrapping up my shins for runs to prevent it from coming back.

Other than that, everything on my side is great. Weighing in at 158.9 today! Finally reached the 150's! And better yet, I'm only 0.1 pounds away from being down 10% of my starting body weight... YEA! :) From what I've been reading losing a minimum of 10% of weight starts decreasing your chances of health problems. Sounds good to me!

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