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Monday, December 1, 2008

MFD entry 12

This post was copied from an entry on My Food Diary (MFD) during my pre-blogging days. Back then, I used the forums on MFD as my daily 'blog'. Just wanted to get my entire journey in one place.
December 1, 2008
Have my goals for November:

60 minutes/ day, 5 days/week = 1320 minutes for the month
300 calories/day, 5 days/week = 6600 calories for the month :) MADE IT!

11/1: OFF

11/2: 453c, 63 min elliptical
11/3: 388c, 61 min circuit training
11/4: 407c, 63 min elliptical
11/5: 132c, 30 min strength training
11/6: OFF
11/7: 284c, 65 min strength training; 218 c, 27 min elliptical
11/8: OFF

11/9: 398c, 58 min elliptical
11/10: 156c, 35 min strength training
11/11: 800c, 180 min hike
11/12: OFF
11/13: 244c, 33 min elliptical; 176c, 40 min weight training
11/14: OFF
11/15: 582c, 93 min hike; 181c, 25 min weight training

11/16: 180c, 18 min elliptical
11/17: 341c, 87 min walk; 220c, 30 min weight training
11/18: OFF
11/19: OFF
11/20: 464c, 62 min elliptical
11/21: 150c, 20 min elliptical
11/22: 378c, 71 min elliptical

11/23: 366c, 53 min cardio kick boxing; 198c, 45 min weight training
11/24: 188c, 25 min cardio kick boxing; 274c, 37 min elliptical
11/25: OFF
11/26: 305c, 53 min circuit training; 115c, 19 min elliptical
11/27: 821c, 160 min hike
11/28: 464c, 92 min hike
11/29: OFF

11/30: 184c, 48 min walk; 184c, 33 min elliptical

Well Thanksgiving is over and past, so thought I would reflect on my first holiday weekend (still have Christmas and New Year's!) w/ MFD:

As the end of November approached, I was a little worried about how I would handle Thanksgiving. Though turkey was never my favorite, it's the starches that are my weakness... garlic mashed potatoes, buttery brown sugar-glazed yams, stuffing, gravy, pumpkin and custard pie! THESE are the things that got me! For the past several years, my family has been going out for Thanksgiving so it was easy for me to order something other than the traditional Thanksgiving food, but this year I bought my first condo, so my realtor bought me an entire Turkey-to-go meal... one whole turkey with ALL THE TRIMMINGS!! In anticipation of Thanksgiving, I have been working out extra hard the week before and especially the day of. My boyfriend and I got up early on Thanksgiving day and went on a grueling 2 hour hike straight up a mountain (literally climbing up with your hands in some spots) but a great workout, nonetheless. Thanksgiving this year was lunch so I really think that helped with my portion control... I'm a dinner person. But anyway, lunch was great! I did so well and really only ate till I was full, not stuffed. Had a very small serving of stuffing, yams, and mashed potatoes and loaded up my plate with fresh greens and turkey. After lunch, we did another hike, but this time my parents came along also so it was really nice to have everyone go together. When we got done with the hike, 2 hours later, we all had pumpkin pie. It was the Thanksgiving that I've eaten the healthiest and the least amount of food... very refreshing! :)

Now some other updates:

Today I signed up for my first 13K run/walk! My dad is an avid runner and at Thanksgiving lunch, the topic of running came up and he reminded me that one of Hawaii's most popular run, the Great Aloha Run (GAR), is taking place in February. Well I thought about it this weekend and decided to sign up and do it. Even if I have to walk the entire thing, at least I can say I crossed the finish line! :) I do a lot of cardio in my daily routine and walk a lot so I'm hoping I don't have to start from scratch to train for running. I've looked up several good programs to get me started, like the Learn to Run program, and although I only have about 11 weeks before the GAR, I think I can make great progress if I stay on schedule with training. Of course, my ever-supportive boyfriend signed up with me and is going to train with me so having a buddy always makes a big difference. Can't thank him enough for all he's doing... putting up with my experimental "healthy" cooking, filling our condo with exercise machines, listening to me complain/talk about my weight, etc. Really couldn't have done it without his support... maybe I need to tell him that instead of writing it here. Anyway, I'll be sure to update my progress on running.

That's all for now!

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