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Thursday, February 17, 2011

First cookbook recipe and updates

Please check out my new food blog with pictures and recipes.

As part of my cookbook adventure here is recipe 1/60:
peanut butter cream cheese cupcakes!


Busy, busy week but here's an update to what's going on:

Goals for The Agreement (Feb. 5 - May 5, 2011):
45 minutes of exercise/6 days a week
net calories of 1200 - 1400/7 days a week

2/05: 70 min walk/jog and 1352 net calories
2/06: 62 min treadmill and 2165 net calories     $10 to Anthony
2/07: 57 min elliptical and 1213 net cals
2/08: 63 min treadmill and 1303 net cals
2/09: day off and 1568 net cals     $10 to Anthony
2/10: 60 min elliptical and 1398 net cals
2/11: 45 min CLX and 1293 net cals
2/12: 63 min walk/jog and 1865 net cals     $10 to Anthony
2/13: 82 min elliptical and 1265 net cals
2/14: 45 min CLX and 1623 net cals     $10 to Anthony
2/15: 78 min walk and 1395 net cals
2/16: OFF DAY and 1356 net cals

The bad news is right now I'm out $40 but the good news is I'm NOT out $120!!  The Agreement is doing what it's supposed to do and it's keeping me motivated to get moving and watch what I eat.  Still struggling with both sides of my goal but at least I'm moving now!


Amanda said...

those are seriously intense goals! I'm impressed you made so many of them happen - that's awesome! And now I'm hungry from looking at your pics, good thing it's almost lunch...

Lindsey Lu said...

oh my gosh those cupcakes sound so good- thanks for the recipe