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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm out $10!

Please check out my new food blog with pictures and recipes.

This weekend was T.O.U.G.H!!!  Fun, but tough Agreement-wise!  Saturday Anthony and I started our morning early with doggie school for Beans.   She's very responsive to commands when we train her at home so thought we'd give obedience classes a try... she's doing great so far!

 So many doggies and all are pretty well behaved!  Anthony and Beans were in the front row so can't see them in this picture.

Because Anthony is the alpha in our "pack", he does the trainings so while they were at school, I took our other dog, Poki, on a walk-jog all over the city.
Exercise part of The Agreement... CHECK!
We later ran to Costco to stock up on things we needed (how a house-hold of two spends so much money at Costco, I'll never know!) then headed home for a relaxing afternoon.  Nutrition was in check for the entire day... FINALLY!
Food part of The Agreement... CHECK!
No $10 for Anthony!
But then Sunday rolled around.  I got up early and hit the gym in anticipation of all the food I would be eating.  
Exercise... CHECK!
 I had a party to go to and I helped my friend host a Pampered Chef event.  So much fun and so much food!  My contribution was a gorgeous baked brie with honey and roasted pine nuts.

We also had home-made chocolate chip cookies, another baked brie wheel with onions and almonds, fried turkey and spinach dumplings, Korean food, red velvet cake, cheese and crackers, chips, and way more than I can remember... and apparently there was some football game on too which made the volume of food at our party even greater!!  Well let's just say nutrition was a fail and Anthony got his first $10!!

It was expected but at least yesterday was perfect and today is on-point... heading out to the gym in half an hour so no giving money away.  I think I found a new source of motivation from The Agreement!  Whatever works, right?


Laurie said...

I hope he spends his money well, maybe on a Valentine's gift for you

P90Xer said...

i know i said this before but i love your $10 bet idea. sorry that you lost the first 10 bucks, but am glad that it's going to motivate you to stick with it in the future.

Foo-D said...

You do make a fantastic Brie. You'll make that $10 back. :) Keep up the good work!