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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Updated picture and WC V

You ask and you shall receive.  I've had several people comment/email me about an updated picture of myself since the last picture on my site was from M.O.N.T.H.S. ago! So here it is.

155 lbs.
Christmas 2010

This is what a 20 lbs. gain looks like on me and I guess I'm still far from how I looked when I first started (Sept. 2008) but still... it's really far from what I looked like 20 lbs. lighter (March 2010). =(

So much more work to do (again)!

Weekend Challenge V

Update to this past  Weekend Challenge
Here were my goals for the long weekend, Feb. 18-21, 2011:

390/420 exercise minutes
1395/1500 calorie deficit 
I didn't make either goal but I still got in a ton of exercise.  390 minutes over 4 days comes out to almost 100 minutes a day.  YAY me!  Calorie wise I didn't make it because of some last minute get-togethers with friends but this Challenge kept me moving and kept me conscious of everything I was eating.  It's a start!


Tricia said...

great job on the exercise!

Lisa said...

I think you still look so beautiful!

Miles In Murray said...

I completely get where you are coming from. I gained 10 pounds and it was such a big difference. We are shorties, so it shows quicker than taller people :(

Keep working for it. I know you can do it!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

What a great start! 7 hours in 4 days was a huge goal, and what you accomplished was still awesome.

Dayne Gingrich said...

You look fantastic!!!

"So much work to do (again)!" is an illusion. That type of thinking is very common, and speaks to a SHORT TERM mindset.

This isn't a diet-thing... or a losing-weight-thing. That's short term thinking. This journey is a LIFE CHANGE, with fluctuations forever. Some days we'll slip, other days we'll be as discipline as ever.

Accepting of these fluctuations is absolutely key. Short term diets or weight loss don't work because there's an unconscious finish line.

Instead, making it a life long walk, knowing we'll be up and down forever will take the pressure off, and allow it to become more consistent.

You DON'T have more work to do (again). There's not "again." There's only now. Today now and the next day now. Enjoy this journey.

I just posted a short video at CoachYourMind you may be interested in. Let me know whatcha think.

You're awesome, Annie.

Amanda said...

390 minutes of exercise is AWESOME! Not every week can be perfect, but this spells W-I-N in my opinion...

New Outlook Fitness said...

wow you look awesome! congratulations