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Thursday, February 10, 2011


I know I'm not the only one who deals with this - which makes it a little comforting - but why do I get so caught up with the details when it comes to nutrition and exercise? This is a typical thought process for me on any given day:

"I need to really make my workouts counts!  Only so-many days left till class reunion!"

"I think I'll redo exercise program A again."

"But I heard so many good things about exercise program B and exercise program C.  Maybe I'll do that instead."

"But I like the concepts of exercise program D better and the cardio section of exercise program E.  But exercise program F has the best nutrition program but it really goes more when you actually do exercise program F.  What if I do a combination of all 6 programs?"

"I'll do day one from A, day two from F, day three from B, day four from D, and use the nutrition guides from B for the first three days, nutrition guides from F for the next two days, then try nutrition and exercise from program G."

"I'm too tired from planning my first week of exercise... I'll "rest" today and start tomorrow."

Exhausted from reading that?  
Well I'm exhausted from living that!

So here's the new plan.  Just do SOMETHING!  ANYTHING! I'm not gonna worry about trying to do the entire program of P90x or ChaLean again or worry that I have to get in so many cardio days this week.  Instead, I'm just gonna make sure I do something for the day even if my week is made of 5 days cardio and one day weights... that's perfectly fine! It's better than nothing, right?  So along with everything else I'm trying to do like this, this, or this... that's the plan!


Amanda said...

I hear ya! It seems so crazy that we all get like that, but it is so common. Just doing something is my goal as well. It always helps. Now if I can just stick to it!

Laurie said...

yup, i do get so sick of listening to myself...just do it already, i finally say!!
Great work