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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Agreement

It's been almost a week since I got my "motivational" countdown calendar and I haven't done anything with it! I mean, no exercise except for yesterday - washing, drying, polishing, vacuuming, and scrubbing the inside of a car is a definite workout - and nutrition has been outrageous! Sure, I had a birthday in the last week but that shouldn't be an excuse.  When I was consistently losing weight two years ago, special events wouldn't even have stopped me... Thanksgiving 2009 consisted of a morning cardio session, a 2 hour hike in the afternoon, and NO pumpkin pie!!  Should be easy right?  FAR  FROM  IT!

Well now it's time...

... time to put up or SHUT up!

I needed to think of something that would truly motivate me to stay on track... yes, I love my countdown calendar and will still use it but let's be honest.  How motivating can a bunch of paper really be?  Actually I take that back, this bunch of paper is truly motivating for me:

This is motivating to me not because I'm shallow or materialistic, 
but because I don't have much of it!

The Agreement

Who:  Between my boyfriend and myself
When: February 3, 2011 - May 3, 2011

What:  I'm going back to basics for real... counting calories and exercise minutes.  Over the next 90 days, my boyfriend has the potential to gain $900!! He'll get $10 a day from me EVERYDAY I go over my calorie limit or don't hit my exercise minute goals.  $10 isn't a super expensive amount but it's expensive enough for me to think twice about eating off plan or not exercising.

Why: My boyfriend loves his car.  More than that, he loves swapping parts out and making it nicer/sexier/faster.  I hate that!  So if I end up funding one of his projects, I'll be mad and the only way to avoid giving him money is to stay on track with my nutrition and exercise.  And even though this gives him the opportunity to sabotage me EVERYDAY, I know he won't.  In the end, if he tempts me with junk food and I give in, it's still my decision and I can only blame myself.


Laurie said...

interesting motivation, i wonder if i could do it?

Losing 100 said...

Ha! I'm still laughing! Anything that works, right? Good Luck. ;)

Miles In Murray said...

Wow, that is quite the plan and I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!! Get it done!

If you need anything, I am here for you :)

Roxie-Girl said...

Very creative! I can't wait to follow your blog and see how you do. DO NOT let your BF make his car sexier!!! Make yourself sexier!!

I'm now a new follower! Yay!


Anonymous said...

I'm on the same boat as you. I gained back a lot of the weight I have lost before, and now It's soooo hard for me to get back on track. I guess because I'm bitter that I have to work on losing the weight that I have lost before, and that makes it twice as hard. Also I keep comparing to the "last" time I lost weight, and If I don't get the same results as before I get discouraged.

Use your motivatioal tool and don't give up!!

Annalisa201 said...

LOL sounds like my ex husband (ex for reasons not too far from that problem you just described... yikes!) I wish you all the best, and encourage you to succeed with gusto. I know you can. You know you can :)

Also, just have to mention, I realised while on the treadmill today that the reason bootcamp didn't work is because the motivation shifted - I was trying to lose weight for the bootcamp PT and the other participants. I wasn't trying to lose weight for myself. Now I'm back into it because I WANT to lose weight for ME! The way you've planned this $10 thing, it is personal interest, so it will be... should be... best. Just like quitting smoking - I always say no one can quit unless they WANT to for themselves. You cannot talk anybody into it. It has to come from a desire in your heart. Same here. Do you desire your best, most fittest body Annie? :) I think I know the answer. NOW GO GET IT!!!

Elena said...

Stick to your plan. I am following your blog and I'll come to see how you're doing.

Colleen @ Goodbye, Fat Girl! said...

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! What an incentive! And truly, you'll get the biggest reward because YOU are going to be the winner here! Way to go!

Goodbye, Fat Girl!

Miss Obesity Rehab said...

If I had a boyfriend I would do the deal! But I feel motivated by my blog... how have you been holding up so far? I like your header did you make it yourself?

P90Xer said...

that's a fantastic idea! i might steal your idea b/c that kind of paper is the only kind that motivates me, haha! good luck staying strong!

Shavonne said...

Ha! Great motivation! I need to find something to motivate me. I am a new follower to you blog, I used to be an athletic person as well until, I moved from Newfoundland to Toronto and gained a ton of weight from not doing anything and eating like I always did. Food and portion size is definitely my weakness! I love food! I can manage sticking to anything for a week but after that I lose motivation...how did you keep motivated at the start?