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Friday, January 9, 2009

MFD entry 25

This post was copied from an entry on My Food Diary (MFD) during my pre-blogging days. Back then, I used the forums on MFD as my daily 'blog'. Just wanted to get my entire journey in one place.
January 9, 2009
So I'm here to vent a little.

Someone in my secured condo STOLE MY BRAND NEW SHOES!!! :( It was my Christmas present from my parents and I've only worn them about two times because I was slowly breaking them in. They were great! They had arch supports perfect for my feet, too. I felt so sick when I discovered it today. Someone just walked up to my condo and stole them. I guess it's my fault for leaving shoes outside (as we all do in Hawaii), but come on!

It's a good thing I kept my old ones around so I can still exercise outside, but now I gotta shell out $120+ for a new pair. My parents offered to buy me another pair, but I can't let them spend that type of money on me.

Some people are unbelievable!

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