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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MFD entry 53

This post was copied from an entry on My Food Diary (MFD) during my pre-blogging days. Back then, I used the forums on MFD as my daily 'blog'. Just wanted to get my entire journey in one place.
March 31, 2009
Starting weight (09/17/08): 176.4
Current weight (03/27/09): 143.8
TOTAL LOST: 32.6 lbs.

Today I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts and it was titled "Reverse to Move Forward". It basically talked about reversing everything you have done to get yourself to an unhealthy weight, in order to get yourself back to a healthy weight. In other words, if you used to eat only ice cream, cheeseburgers and pizza to get "fat", then do the exact reverse or opposite to get "skinny".

It was a very simple concept but for some reason it really hit home for me. When it was put into that perspective for me, it really made it sound so simple to get my life back on track with eating right and exercising. With that said, I have committed to redo my diet since I have been complaining so much recently that the scale is moving so slowly... well DUH... I already knew it was because I was being a little too lax with my diet! I just didn't really make a commitment to get it back on track. I have sworn off all of the "good" ice cream in my freezer but will finish off the "healthy" 100-calorie cups I have... one a day ONLY... and preferably one every other day.

Here's to making a healthier me!

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