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Monday, March 9, 2009

MFD entry 47

This post was copied from an entry on My Food Diary (MFD) during my pre-blogging days. Back then, I used the forums on MFD as my daily 'blog'. Just wanted to get my entire journey in one place.
March 9, 2009
Starting weight (09/17/08): 176.4
Current weight (03/09/09): 149.2

So I'm torn... on one had, I promised to ignore the number on the scale until May (end of the ChaLean program), but on the other hand, I have to weigh-in every Friday for couple of groups I belong to on MFD therefore I need to jump on the scale. Although I'm expecting my weight to fluctuate every month in the CLX program it's hard to see that number on the scale. Since starting CLX on Feb. 2, I've only lost about 2 lbs., HOWEVER, I've lost inches in all the right places. :) I made the decision to ignore the scale because of all the "lies" it tells, but knowing that my weight-loss has come to a halt is hard to deal with (even with the inches gone). The first two weeks or so were fine, but this is week 6 and the scale just isn't moving. I've been stuck in the 149.0 range FOREVER! Last week Friday I weighed in at 147.6, however I believe that may have been a fluke... I've been back at 149 all weekend and today.

Last week I started to cut back on cardio a lot (from 6 days to 2) and I've been upping my NET calorie intake to 1300-1400 calories which is about 200-300 extra calories a day (for anyone doing the math, yes, that does put me at a normal NET calorie intake of about 1100. For me, 1000-1100 was my magic range to lose 1 lb. a week). So we'll see if that helps break this plateau.

On another note, I feel absolutely fantastic doing the CLX program! I'm in my second week of the Push phase and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these heavy weights with low reps! I still have a lot more fat to lose, but I kid you not the definition in my arms and legs are incredible (for a fat person, anyway :)). My legs have always been more toned then the rest of the my body, but now I can see the muscle definition without a doubt. My arms have slendered down quite a bit since started MFD, but with ChaLean, they are starting to get some mean definition. I do believe that I put on muscle a little faster than most females because even when I was playing sports in high school, I would have the same definition as my other team members who spent their extra time in the gym lifting weights. Also, just starting the CLX program was a big surprise to me because of how much I could lift. According to the CLX guide book, as a beginner I should have been starting with 5 - 10 pounds of weight but I started with 10 - 25 pounds. In the Push phase I'm using 15 - 35 pounds and love it!

Anyway, another big reason why I know the weight is coming off so slowly now is my diet. For the month of Feb. I've eaten pretty good, and always in my "to lose" calorie range, however I think I need to give my diet a revamp since I'm doing the CLX program. I finally went through the food guide this weekend and planned out my shopping list so I hope that brings me back on track too.

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