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Monday, February 8, 2010

Motivational Mondays: Blog Awards!

****First of all, don't forget about my
blog giveaway!****

These little babies are a huge motivation for me because it pushes me harder and keeps me going on this journey. Not because my goal is to get blog awards, but because when I do get one, I feel like what I'm doing does make a difference. Of course nothing entirely important, but if someone can learn something from me through my blog, then it makes it worth it.

My blog was started as a 'diary' chronicling my up's and down's with weight-loss... I never imagined it'd turn into something that people willingly choose to read! If it weren't for the people I've met on this journey, I have a feeling I may have given up a long time ago!

So if you're reading this, please take the award for yourself! You, my readers, are my true motivation.

So a big thank you to Fran, over at Anthem of my Heart, for the lovely Sugar Doll Award. Here are 10 things you may or may not find interesting about me (some are repeats from previous awards):
  1. I can speak Hawaiian - Not just 'Aloha' and 'Mahalo', but actually speak it and hold a conversation. It's a beautiful language.
  2. I have five tattoos and I WANT MORE!! - They myth that when you get your first one you become addicted is SO true! Right now the ones I have are small but when I reach my goal weight I have a nice big (tasteful) one planned out - gonna start at my right hip, work it's way up the middle of my back, and end over my left shoulder! Mom - if you're reading this, don't tell dad!
  3. My great-uncle helped create Strawberry Shortcake - He helped design her look for Mattel; from her red hair to her strawberry hat. It's one of our family's favorite history facts.
  4. I was born and have lived in Hawaii my entire life, but I have never gotten on a surfboard - I've boogie-boarded and body-surfed a ton but never caught a wave on a surfboard. It's so weird that I haven't... I need to seriously add this to my 'to-do list' for 2010 or something.
  5. I used to run my own website that sold little clay guinea pig sculptures - I called them Piggie Pies. I used to have four guinea pigs and one day I decided to make little one-inch replicas of them. They turned out to be a big hit (especially with people in England!) and I couldn't keep up with orders. I eventually got bored with it though and closed it down.
  6. I have a slight obsession with hair products! - I buy a ton of them... use a ton of them... love a ton of them... hate a ton of them... and review a ton of them on Amazon (I'm dorky like that). My favorite to date: Fekkai and LUSH products!
  7. Back in high school I ran my own e-bay business - It made me more money then, than my full-time job now! But the e-bay world has become so saturated with sellers I could never make that kind of money again.
  8. I L.O.V.E Vegas - Four more days till I get to be back!
  9. I don't gamble in Vegas - Weird to love a city that's made up off gambling? Not really. There's a ton more to do in Vegas than just gamble... like shopping and eating and hiking at places that Hawaii just doesn't have.
  10. I've owned almost every type of animal as a pet - At one time or another, I've had a reptile, bird, amphibian, mammal, fish, or insect as a pet. My parents weren't too happy about all the creatures.


BEE said...

do u know where you can find the p90x for the cheapest
i want to try it but its so expensive
and have you ever tried jillian michaels dvds is it like that???

from bee620.blogspot.com

Tricia said...

congrats on your award!

MAJL said...

I enjoyed that post and getting to know more about you.

1) You are right: Hawaiian is a beautiful language.
2) You need to surf; it is one hell of an amazing workout! I wasn't strong enough to catch my own wave; the instructor had to push me into it but it was beautiful and something I would like to do more of.

Kulia i ka nu'u...

Kristina said...

Love your list! Congrats on the award

Salina Lyn said...

What a great list of things about you. I love learning about all my new blog friends. And the strawberry shortcake thing issuper awesome. I worshiped her as a little kid. Had the dolls and lunch box and the kitty and bed sheets and pillows and nightgown and oh so much more. I still have one doll and amazingly enough, she still smells good.  i agree about the language too. Beautiful!

MackAttack said...

Oh I love these facts about you! Too bad ebay is oversaturated! I hope you saved that money wisely!

Heidi said...

Annie, I love your list! These are super fun facts. I only understand really short phrases. lol. Pau, okole.....uhhhh haha I can't spell. For a while I did hula, but it got to pricey for me.

The ebay biz is so intriguing, that's so crazy that you made so much money girl! That's awesome. I smell an entrepreneuer!

Which P90X dvds do you do (in what order)? I'm trying to remember, but I'm worried that I'll get bulky b/c last time I tried, I got so bulky in my tshirts they sleeves were too tight. Yuck. I want the slim program and i can't find the book. Would love to hear more about the CHALean program. How is it that I've never even heard of it!!?!?!

Continuous Changes said...

I hope you have so much fun on your trip! Can't wait for your recap :)

Boomer said...

Aloha mai kaua! Maka'i nui kau blog i keia la! E ho'i ana au i ka la apopo.

Mandie said...

I too am addicted to tattoos oh and yes, VEGAS! Like you I don't go to gamble (my Hunney does)...I would rather do all the FUN stuff, yes, drinking included (it doesn't happen often!). The little guinea pig sculptures sound SO cute! Love the list girlie!