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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New month... same goals

Okay so here's how January went:

Here are my goals for January:
  • Workout 6 days/week for a total of 27 days out of the 31 days
  • Burn an average of 300 calories per workout = 8100 calories MADE IT!
  • Workout for an average of 60 minutes = 1620 minutes MADE IT!
1/01: 463 cals, 96 min brisk walk
1/02: 400 cals, 103 min hike

1/03: 403 cals, 75 min JM dvd + elliptical
1/04: OFF
1/05: 457 cals, 102 min PT session + treadmill run
1/06: 423 cals, 78 min treadmill run + elliptical + basketball
1/07: 298 cals, 66 min walk
1/08: 293 cals, 90 min P90X Chst/Shldr/Tris + elliptical
1/09: 833 cals, 210 min hike + walk

1/10: 259 cals, 72 min full-body weight session
1/11: OFF
1/12: 367 cals, 90 min PT session + treadmill run
1/13: 307 cals, 75 min treadmill hill workout
1/14: 260 cals, 72 min P90X Shoulders and Arms + ab work
1/15: 294 cals, 65 min elliptical HIIT
1/16: 588 cals, 150 min hike + treadmill run

1/17: 286 cals, 62 min walk
1/18: 1011 cals, 252 min hike + walk
1/19: 202 cals, 60 min PT session
1/20: OFF
1/21: OFF
1/22: 241 cals, 85 min P90X Shoulders and Arms + ARX
1/23: 1138 cals, 255 min hike + walk

1/24: 289 cals, 75 min walk
1/25: 311 cals, 75 min walk
1/26: 341 cals, 90 min PT session + treadmill run
1/27: OFF
1/28: 295 cals, 60 min walk
1/29: 179 cals, 45 min walk
1/30: OFF

1/31: 2148 cals, 378 min EVERYTHING

TOTAL: 12,086 cals, 2781 mins

Okay did you see those cals and minutes for January 31?!?!?! HOLY COW!! Pretty unbelievable but I'll explain more tomorrow.

Since last month's goals really inspired me to stay on track with exercise, I'm going to repeat the same concept for the month of February. I realize I SPANKED my January goals but I had a lot of hikes going on and don't think I'll be getting in that many this month. Plus that last day of January doesn't really count cause I do that rarely.

Here are my goals for February:
  • Workout 6 days/week for a total of 24 days out of the 28 days
  • Burn an average of 300 calories per workout = 7200 cals
  • Workout for an average of 75 minutes = 1800 minutes
2/01: OFF


Amanda said...

WOW! Girl you definitely spanked your January goals! I'm seriously so motivated by all of your hardwork that I cannot wait to get started on my own. I injured my back,s o i'm on light duty until it heals, but then - I am on it!

Alissa said...

Nice job with the goals! I think it's awesome to count your total calorie burn for the month... so motivating!

Actual Scale said...

Dang girl! Awesome results!

Best wishes for February - Jan will be a tough act to follow but I know you can do it!


Hadley said...

Nice! Color me impressed. You were did an awesome job in January. Here's to hoping you have an equally fabulous February!

Viva La Fashion said...

congrats on making your goals! :D

MackAttack said...

I love your goals! Congrats on making it!!!! Great joB!

Anonymous said...

You are so inspiring, I wish I could have the willpower to exercise as you do. I really hate it. i hope once my weight goes down further (lost 33kg so far) that i will have more energy, be more motivated. Well done, you are a legend.

Boomer said...

Super job on surpassing your goals!

Jillian T. said...

Congrats on your accomplishments! That is wonderful! I am on Day 26 of P90X and cannot believe how my body is changing! Are you also adding in P90X workouts? Keep up the amazing work! You will be SO proud of yourself when you get the results that you want. Are you a Beachbody coach by chance? Take a look at www.BeachBodyCoach.com/JillianTirado and click on coach. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that you may have, or even if you just need some motivation!