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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Vegas plan

One more day! One more day!

I can't believe I'll be on a plane to Vegas tomorrow! Happy dance!

I've talked about my plans to stay somewhat on-track as far as exercise and nutrition goes but here's my detailed plan:
  • Get at least two full-body workouts in - Bringing my elastic bands so I can get a quick workout in before the day starts. Already looked up several circuits that will combine cardio, weight training, and plyo. My friend Boomer has a TON of awesome stuff on his blog... check it out!
  • Walk, walk, walk - We won't have a car in Vegas so we're planning on walking all day every day! At least that will off-set some of the calories I plan on eating.
  • Get a run in - Already google mapped the closest 24Hour Fitness and hopefully I'll be in it sometime next week. If not, we do have a run planned up and down the Strip but it's gonna be COLD!
  • Rock climbing - Counting this as an upper body workout which it will be!
  • Hiking - Depending on when we go rock climbing, we might also get in a hike. The rock climbing and hike are in the same area but not sure I wanna make a day of exercising. I'm on vacation after all!
  • Bringing my own snacks - Raw almonds? Check! Protein powder? Check! Shakeology? Check! Hitting up the closest CVS to stock up on fresh fruits? CHECK!
  • Passing on carbs - Instead of normally having starch/carbs with my meals, I'll be replacing it with fresh veggies. I'm sure I'll get enough carbs from the alcohol and desserts. :)
  • Track all food/drinks - Because I'll be eating out every meal while in Vegas, there's no way I can count calories. So instead I'm gonna photograph everything I eat and have a MAJOR long recap post when I get back. Knowing that I'll have to post everything I eat will help keep me accountable... I hope.
  • R.E.L.A.X - I'm on vacation, damn it! Although it's not an excuse to eat like crap, I'm not gonna be as diligent and careful as I would normally be.

And the awesome weigh-in from yesterday will be my best motivator because it's been MONTHS since I've seen the low 130's and with this plan in mind I'm confident I will come back from Vegas with little damage done. Here's to hoping!


Kyle Gershman said...

Very exciting! Awesome plan for success. Have a great time!

MAJL said...

Have fun Annie! Look forward to your loooong recap post with food pictures. My J. always eats at Sushi Samba when he is there; the ceviches are to die for.

Heidi said...

Last time I was in Vegas, I worked out at the 24 hour fitness in the airport. Check it out, it's pretty good sized for an airport gym!

That's awesome, you are so prepared, snacks and all. Have a wonderful time!!!!

Boomer said...

Its great to see that your taking your bands. That was a big help for me when I went to Vegas. I also like the fact that you will be doing a lot of walking there. Most of all, I am super happy for you that he made your goal weight.

Oh, and thanks for the shout out!!!

Lors said...

Are you going to check out any shows? If you do, I highly recommend Penn & Teller. I saw them last year for my bday and it was awesome!

Connie Weiss said...

Your plan sounds awesome! I love eating in Vegas...the food is wonderful!

Can't wait to hear about the shopping!

Ashley said...

Awesome idea, planning before you actually get there! Have a good time in vegas!!!

BTW,congrats on the weigh in yesterday! That's awesome! :)

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

If you can get a run in on the strip at 6am bring your camera because some of the things you will see will be only believable with pics!!

oh and my wife wanted to thank you for supporting her and the CHUG. She has been googling CHUG breeders -- just lovely!

Have fun and remember vodka on the rocks with a touch of lime = low calories! Oh and Vodka and Red bull in vegas should be outlawed, really, it is suicidal ... so I have been told (-;

katsuboy said...

you'll get plenty of upper body exercise from the one-armed bandits!