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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Slipped my mind

Remember the other week I went to Maui?
Remember I posted all these highlights from the trip?
Remember I talked about the spin class I went to?  NO?!  Yeah, that's because I didn't mention it!!

I can't believe I forget to talk about it sooner but on my last day in Maui…

... I attended my first spin class (actually, this is my first group fitness class E.V.E.R.)!!

Let me take you back a month when I freaked out was totally okay with turning 29.  To make myself feel better about almost being 30 (336 days left, but who's counting?), I made a list of 29 accomplishments I never thought I'd do.  My original idea was to do a "30x30" list.  30 things I want to do/achieve by 30 years old.  I decided against it because I knew I'd feel terrible if I didn't make it and being a glass-empty kinda person… I was leaning more towards the "not going to make it" side.

Getting back to my 30x30 list, "go to a spinning class" would have most definitely been on there.  And if I had a 30x30 list, I could cross this one off!

So why'd I wait this long to attend a spin class if I've always wanted to do one?  Simple: I was afraid/shame to.

I still have body issues that prevent me from doing things I want to and attending group fitness classes, like spinning, is one of them.  On Maui, my cousin teaches at the gym - as a spin instructor, none the less - so I HAD to do it.  Plus, it wasn't my normal gym and I'm on a different island… no one here will see me again in case I make a fool of myself.

My cousin wasn't teaching that day so she attended the class with me.  I got to the gym about an hour early to reserve a bike but got wait-listed.  No big deal since I was getting nervous and secretly hoped I wouldn't get a bike.  Fortunately/unfortunately I got one.  My cousin helped me adjust the bike and before I knew it, the instructor turned the lights off and we got started. 

Initial Thoughts
Holy hell, this is hard!  My heavy-lifting, squat-loving legs were not built for endurance.

Final Thoughts
After the initial burn in my quads, I really got a feel for spinning… the sprints, the hill climbs, the torturous "give me two full resistance turns"!

L.O.V.E.D. it!! Where do I sign up to reserve my bike by the month?


Miles In Murray said...

I am so glad you did a spin class and loved it!! I have always wanted to do a spin class, but have been afraid to. Maybe once LiveFit is over, I will do one :)

Treadmill Hiker said...

Wow, I admire that!! I used to do all the classes at my old gym, but spin class just seemed like it was in a whole other league. After a year or so of doing the hardest cardio classes I could, I felt ready to take on spin class. It was an epic fail - and not in the good F.A.I.L sense, but just the plain ol' lowercase "fail" kinda way. It was a fatal blow to my confidence and I didn't go back to try again...but I did buy a bike! (Which I ride at my own pace, with no direction. haha)

If you go through that, there is NO group class you can't take on now. You started at the top! Congrats! If I ever rejoin the gym, I'll keep your experience in mind and try to psych myself up to give it another try.


Maren said...

It both sucks and is so great at the same time. Great burn, great energy :D

deanna said...

how exciting to try something new and fall in love with it. way to go!