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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday: Nope!

Starting weight: 176.4 
Last week weight: 132.5
Current weight: ????
Current loss: ???
TOTAL LOSS:  -43.9

I've put the scale away until next week because after a vacation weekend, I know the number is up and I don't wanna be discouraged or unmotivated by it.

It's funny how one month I can totally be on track and even if the scale moves down only a pound, I'm still super happy with myself.  But if I have several bad weekends in a row (for example my birthday the other weekend, Maui this past weekend, Valentine's dinner last night!), I feel super disappointed even if the scale moves down.  I guess it's the guilt over the lack of exercise and super poor nutrition.

Time to get back on that wagon and make this week amazing.

Btw, my 13K is less than a week away!  EEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!  I feel so unprepared...

Valentine's isn't that big of a deal for Anthony and I... usually he's working... and we don't really celebrate it.  We figure the holidays just finished, my birthday was less than a month ago, and next month is our anniversary... so we can skip it.

But this year we had a gift card to a fancy restaurant so decided to celebrate Valentine's (sorry for the junk picts).   It was a preset meal so didn't have much options to choose from.

Oyster with chili granita and sea salt.  I don't eat oysters so Anthony enjoyed both of ours.

For her: Ahi and shrimp pana cotta.
For him: Grilled shrimp herb salad

We both opted for the steak with Asian pesto sauce.

 For her: Almond strawberry trifle
For him: Chocolate crunch bars

How did you celebrate love day? 


deanna said...

we did not celebrate as nicely as you. :)

I had a MOPS meeting (I am a mentor mom) and my husband stayed home and babysat our boys along with our neighbors kids so they could go out... truthfully I was so impressed with him babysitting other peoples kids... well I am proud of him. And he also game me roses. He wins on the thoughtful scale this year.

Tonight I am fixing our valintines day dinner. :)

deanna said...

*gave :)

BubbleTeaResa said...

That food looks amazing! Also, totally understand being discouraged by that number. After my cheesy bread night I skipped the scale the next day since I knew it could mess up the rest of my week.