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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday and total randomness

Starting weight:  176.4
Last week month weight:  133.0
Current weight:  129.6
Current loss:  -3.4
TOTAL LOSS:  -46.8 lbs.

LowestWeightSinceHighSchool!!!!!  LowestWeightOnThisJourney!!!!

Between my trip earlier this month, Valentine's Day, the GAR, and not seeing my trainer for over three weeks, I'm super happy with that!  

I've stayed away from the scale at home as much as possible because I knew I was eating all kinds of crazy over the last several weeks, but had to face it today… just out of curiosity.  My mindset has been "eye on the prize" since last week so I knew the scale wouldn't dictate my emotions no matter what it said.

After fighting pretty damn hard - intense trainings, HIIT, started powerlifting, race trainings, and dieting - for the last several months, I was tired.  Physically.  Mentally.  And emotionally.  I needed a break and my body knew it, so over the last three weeks, I did just that.  

I had a chance to reevaluate why I'm on this journey and where I want it to go.  

So last week, after the GAR race (and after my legs healed from being sore), I got right back into the swing of things.

I started a new 12 week weight-lifting program courtesy of my girl-crush Jamie Eason.
I found a virtual workout and accountability buddy in Tiff, from Miles in Murray.
I took two hours out of Sunday to prep all my meals for this week.
And my March goals are being finalized as you read this.

Woot woot!! 

Total randomness.  Check out this little, totally legit, car.  Yup, car... not ATV or Power Wheels... actual car.  Well actually it's a type of electric car but still super cute.  It's modified to look like a Cadillac Escalade... PIMP!


Nellie said...

Great job! I'm stuck at 135 lbs, but I haven't been working as hard since I hit 135. I think you've inspired me to step up my game.

Maxine said...

Congrats! We are at the same weight, almost! I am at 129.8. :)

Miles In Murray said...

Woohoo!!!! I am so proud of you. I remember when I hit 129 it felt like i was so close to goal and gave me extra motivation. Keep it up!

I am so excited to be doing LiveFit with you :)

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

YeeHaw! Congrats...

deanna said...

Sweet; congrats on you loss :)

Treadmill Hiker said...

Congratulations!! The 120's are kickass turf!! Reading this just motivated me to skip any low-fat but not-really-good-for-me snack today, so that I can reach my next milestone that much quicker. So thanks for the boost! I want to feel the way I bet you feel right now.


Dina said...

Congrats, that's awesome! You are such an inspiration and put a smile on my face daily. So happy for you :)

samwilson said...

Great job keep it up man you rock the floor for weight loss stay like this .

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