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Friday, April 23, 2010

1 bad meal = f*cked for the day?!

Umm... so what is about me that if I mess up my nutrition in one meal, it goes to my head and makes me wanna just give up for the rest of the day?

One piece of chocolate = eating like crap for the rest of the day
(and most other times means throwing out the idea of exercise too!)

That seems so stupid, yet that's how I am! And from what other people blog about, that's how a lot of people are. I just don't understand how that works.

I mean if I accidentally go over my monthly financial allowance (yes-I'm talking dollars here, not calories), I don't say, "F*ck it! I'm gonna spend twice as much next month and not save anything!!!!!" One month of overspending a little bit won't kill me as long as I adjust my next months expenses. I know this. YOU know this. The logic is so darn simple!

So why in God's good name, does it all fly out the window when it comes to my health?

Instead of messing up and just having one bad meal, that one bad meal leads to one bad day. Then that one bad day leads to feeling guilty and affects the next day... and the next day... and the next. Uuuggghhhh.... and it usually doesn't stop unless I get my spark of motivation back which can sometimes take weeks!

I've been at this for almost two years... I KNOW it's one day at a time, one meal at a time. I KNOW it doesn't make a difference to loathe in my guilt. I KNOW I just need to get back on it the next day, hell even the next meal. I KNOW all these things yet all still easier said than done. Why why WHY?!


Salina Lyn said...

Oh my gosh. I just got done reading an article all about this. :)

It was talking about healthy and not so healthy guilt. Healthy guilt is the voice in your head saying "are you suuuuure you want to be eating that 10lb chocolate bar?" which makes us think again and very timidly saying "um....yaaaaa, I mean....nooooo". Then there's the unhealthy guilt which is when you ignore that voice and eat it anyway then beat the crap out of yourself for making the "wrong" decision.

When you make a mistake with your diet, what do you say to yourself?

If your best friend slipped and cheated on a diet what would you say to her?

The idea of the article was to first think about which guilt you're faced with then to do what you need to do to take care of yourself mentally and emotionally. Shoot for the healthy guilt instead of the unhealthy guilt.

If you would call your best friend a stupid lazy fat pig then by all means, go for it in the mirror but if not...might want to think twice. :)

MAJL said...

I do the same! My boyfriend doesn't have any issues with his weight and doesn't understand how I can go crazy with bad food like that. I blame it on emotional eating. i.e my knee is bugging me so I skipped my workout and now all I want to do is eat crap.I wish I could be normal and moderate when it comes to food.

Annalisa201 said...

"If you would call your best friend a stupid lazy fat pig then by all means, go for it in the mirror but if not...might want to think twice."

I agree! Don't beat yourself up about it. Just keep on keeping on. Never give up and you'll be fine.

I'm struggling about the "Balance" game right now, after a week of fantastic exercise and ignoring housework and other important items, I got down and depressed about how I am going to make it all work, AND be satisfied...

Then last night I picked up a book which I am reading through a second time - Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (fantastic read, even if I don't completely agree with her God philosophy) and picked up where I left off about 3 months ago. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear - Long story short - she met a Indonesian medicine man that gave her an image of balance: A human figure, standing up, hands clasped in prayer. This figure had four legs, and no head. Where the head should have been, there was only a wild foliage of ferns and flowers. A small smiling face drawn over the heart. "To find the balance you want," Said Ketut, the Balinese medicine man said, "this is what you must become. You must keep your feet grounded on the earth, it's like you have four legs instead of two. That way you can stay in the world. But you must stop looking at the world through your head. You must look through your heart instead. That way, you will know God."

This is the kind of balance I'm after. I hope this helps you as it's helped me. Keep your chin up Annie. Look how far you've come. You are strong, beautiful, loyal and persistent. Remember that.

Jen said...

I don't have the answer, but I DO know that you just described ME! :o)

Mrs. Sheila said...

I could have written your post myself. I am the same way! I am one of those "other bloggers" who admit these things.

*sigh* One moment at a time!

PhluffyPrincess said...

Man, I feel ya girl! With me its one bad meal, one day...and it continues for several days. I may only do one thing per day but dangit...it begins to happen day after day!

Beth @ fatbustermack said...

I am soo with ya! I feel like if I have a bad day, then I should go ALL OUT. and get back on track the next day, but then I make a mistake and go ALL out...endless cycle. I am trying to stop it by focusing more on a larger calorie deficit, the body bugg helps with that. It's not perfect, but it's helping a little.

Barbie said...

Don't be too hard on yourself.Sometimes those bad days are sent to help test your dedication and devotion to staying fit and healthy. They are great learning tools even though when you slip off the wagon you beat yourself up silly. It's about getting back on the wagon and making the journey.

CJ said...

Its so true! For me unhealthy eating occurs when I don't work out. Its like when I work out I am more conscious of my choices and when I skip a workout I go for an all out binge! Its weird! I should be eating more healthy when I dont workout so that I dont blow up the cals but it not so!

I am trying to discipline myself but its a pretty hard struggle!

Kyle Gershman said...

Ah...that question must be as challenging as "What's the meaning of life?"... clearly if there was a cut and dried answer, that book would be flying off the shelves.

I had a "bad" dinner...well, normal by some standards, but it also included dessert...this was a restaurant meal.

I get home tonight and started thinking about eating something else totally forgetting that I had a huge meal, with dessert.

Luckily I recognized the feeling and then dismissed the notion to eat any more.

But, the thought was there after all.

Boomer said...

Gosh, I could have written that same post. I am exactly the same way. Ok, Annie... let's buckle down and get this nutrition thing under control. Why don't we make a deal... the next time we mess up a meal, let's just say, "screw that, I am not messing up the next meal". Okay?

Chris said...

I'd agree with the majority of comments re: guilt. I also think that especially early in the day you have something bad and it sets off that craving alert - I want more junk! For me it is guilt+cravings cause I know when I feel bad about something it just will go down hill from there if I let it. I only hope for bad food at the end of the day so I down go downhill from there. :)

But don't be too hard on yourself you are not in a minority when it comes to the bad food days. We can only go forward!

anne h said...

One time, on the way to work, I realised I had forgotten something. So I climbed the stairs back up to get it.
Got back down, thought of something ELSE.
So, back up the stairs.
Would you believe then, a THIRD time I had to go up and down the stairs.
So I said to myself:
"Well I might as well just walk up and down the stairs all day long, since I've already gone and messed up this many times!"
NO ONE would do that.
It hurts too much.
Same with any error.
It calls for correction, not punishment!
*Kyle, that might also be the meaning of life thing, as well!*

Tony The Pink Panda said...

are you a perfectionist?

Gem said...

I was just planning a post on this!
I think it is related to perfectionism and black and white thinking. If we realise that eating one bad thing won't mess everything up, but eating LOTS of bad things will...then we would succeed a lot more often! This is what I have to work on, too.

Continuous Changes said...

Oh honey, do I know this feeling!! I used to have bad meals to bad days constantly. I don't know how I broke the cycle, but it seems like the whole "tomorrow is a new day and I can start fresh" plays a huge role in one bad meal to one bad day.

I went on a 2 week sweet(my weakness) bet with myself. I wanted to prove to ME that sweets didn't control me. Since then, I rarely even think about sweets, but I do still enjoy them every so often.