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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Huge disappointment!!

Four weeks down in the BFL program and these are my results?!?!

It has nothing to do with the program cause I still think it's a really sound plan, it has to do with me! ME! ME! ME! I'm not even gonna get into excuses on why the measurments are the way they are, even though there are MANY factors that can easily skew the data... the point is... 30 days is most definitely enough time to make all those numbers go down. It's a huge disappointment especially because I was feeling smaller in the pants... but it's also a huge motivator! Only 54 more days until summer is here! It's really time for me put up and shut up.

Because of my crappy on-again-off-again attitude with exercise and nutrition, my PT gave me homework to do: come back next week with five tangible, attainable, and measurable goals to achieve in 8 weeks. And two of those goals have to be weight and body fat related. PT wants me to start focusing on short-term goals rather than only what I want in the very end (goal weight of about 120ish).

I've never set physical goals for my body, only weight goals and usually exercise/calorie goals so this was a great idea. I really wanna set these goals up to include all areas of the words "fit" and "healthy" so think it'll be a spread of different things I want to accomplish. Will get those posted when I come up with them.


MAJL said...

I look forward to hear your goals!! I am at the same point right now; weight is at a plateau but I do feel stronger. At least that is something right?

Mrs. Sheila said...

That is a great idea your PT had! I may borrow it!

Kyle Gershman said...

I feel your pain Annie...I had a crappy run today and I know I'm not getting out nearly consistently enough...perhaps I'm not really doing my BEST afterall...that will change...for both of us!

CJ said...

Don't give up! Push through a little harder. Setting up weekly goals or mini goals is a very good idea! It really motivates you. And try to have some non-scale goals too!. Like my non scale goal this week is to jog for 15 minutes with intervals. Right now I am at 10 minutes with intervals. These small goals really motivate you. Best of luck. You'll soon see the results. :D

Boomer said...

Annie, I know it is frustrating. If it is any consequence, you are still very inspiring because even though you may not think you are progressing as well as you would like, you still continue on your journey. You know, I looked at your numbers. Even though your overall inches look like a gain, your biggest lose is on the thighs. From what I understand, women feel the thigh area is a tough body part to lose inches. You also show a lose in the waist. This is also good news! I am look forward to continuing the journey with you!

Annalisa201 said...

Serious good news, I agree with Boomer! I know you can find your groove, and your PT has the right idea with smaller goals, that's what I'm doing. My only goal right now is to exercise as much as possible, and eat healthy to match. I am so lucky that I haven't had to be so detailed and tough on myself this week, cuz of the invisible switch someone decided to turn on in me. I wish I knew how to share the switch with you! Darn it! It's just a process, getting things right in many areas of my life, and thoroughly knowing that I am worth it! I'm no good to anyone if I'm not happy with myself, and I'm not happy with myself if I'm not being healthy and exercising! That's it. I hope you know that you are worth it Annie. You're amazing. You are strong. You are a persistent little fighter who knows what you want. Keep it up Annie, you're doing awesome, even when you don't feel like it, I know you are. If you don't think so, just get some perspective. What were you doing 3 years ago? HAHAHA how's that for perspective ;) (LOL, come to think of it, I was 9 months pregnant 3 years ago! wow.)

Love ya, thanks for the support.

Chris said...

Always better to have a bunch of short term goals that lead up to a long term goal. Like anything breaking it into smaller steps makes it easier and helps keep ya motivated. (I forget this sometimes myself! But it does work)